The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel: Review

Set in The New York City of 1958, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is about an Upper West Side woman, Miriam ‘Midge’ Maisel who would find herself separated from her husband and her children left solely to her. We understand early on that Midge loves attention as the Pilot episode opens with her speaking on the mic at her wedding, joking about her parents and her prerequisites of a husband. The mic gives her freedom and her real persona comes out on the stage. Once after a bad performance at his set for stand-up comedy, her husband Joel gets upset, confesses of his affair with his secretary and leaves. In a complete drunken state, she goes to the Gaslight Café where her husband performs his comic sets and rants about her suddenly shattered marriage.

The audience finds her extremely funny and the manager of the café, Suzie sees real talent for stand-up comedy in Midge. Once she is convinced to take stand-up comedy seriously, Midge makes jokes which are funny anecdotes from her elite life and take notes from professional comedians performing in the town.
The show depicts the struggles of early stages of comedy very well. Midge performs her initial gigs when either drunk or stoned, and when she does it sober, she fails and starts doubting her skills. She hones her skill by performing at her friends’ parties.

All this while, she has to go through a jail-term, broken marriage, her husband moving in with his secretary and the responsibility of two kids. The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is a refreshing series from the Gilmore Girls writer Amy Sherman Palladino. Midge is a bright, witty and smart young woman who takes her difficult phase in life and turns it into art, which may be a real calling for her and her career. She is trying to shatter conventional mindsets by getting into stand-up comedy as a woman. She answers back to the society in her own way and in the little space she is provided. In the character of Midge, we see a subtle feminist movement in the 1958 New York.

Can Midge become a professional stand-up comedian? Will Joel and Midge get back together after one steamy night? How will Joel accept that Midge is a better comedian than him? The questions that have been left unanswered in season 1 will be answered in season 2 which is expected to release soon as Amazon has given a green signal to the writers and both the seasons have been bought by Amazon.


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