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Project Kulhar and Y. E. P.: Enactus JMC uplifts the impoverished

Apart from regular fund- raising activities like bake sales and interactive student sessions, Jesus and Mary College’s Enactus chapter is currently running two very different projects, “Project Kulhar” and “Y.E.P. – Youth Employability Project.”

Under Youth Employability Project, JMC Enactus contacted NGO Deepalaya keeping in mind their past work dedicated to improving the lives of impoverished and neglected children through vocational training. Students from the children’s home of Deepalaya in Gusbethi, Gurgaon are now being trained in personality development and other soft skills. Since the project is in its nascent stage, a small batch of 8 students is being trained to ensure 100% placement. A field trip to a mall is being organised to show them how supermarkets work and facilitate placements in places like Big Bazaar and Barista. On being asked how these 8 students were selected, Khyati Kakkar, President JMC Enactus says, “These 8 students were nominated by the NGO itself because of their academic excellence and willingness to learn more and work and improve their lives. One of our students has borrowed books from friends and attempted his boards in English, even though he studies in a Hindi medium school!”

The second project, Project Kulhar, aims at helping potters from Uttam Nagar sell their earthen clay cups. The idea for the project came when, as part of an Enactus trip to scan the market for trends, the members realised how unappreciated pottery is as an art. After thorough research, they zeroed in on Uttam Nagar and interviewed Sukharam, one of the potters from the area. After learning about the issues that the potters face, Enactus JMC decided to initiate a project promoting the use of environment friendly kulhars over plastic cups in the college canteen. Their work has helped Sukharam get more orders and a job at GD Goenka La Petite School. The team plans on expanding the project by introducing the kulhars in other college canteens soon.

Image credits: Enactus JMC Facebook page

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