Oct 13 2021 - Oct 17 2021


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The Ziarat Project

The Ziarat Project is an initiative by former DU students and professionals from grassroots
social impact organizations, working indefatigably towards curtailing the high walls of divide
that separate urban Indians from the richness of rustic, rural Indian art using travel as a
medium of experiential learning.
The Laghu Chitrakala Carawaan is one such endeavor by The Ziarat Project wearing
participants get an opportunity to explore the unexplored depths of Pahari Miniature Painting
Somatics and Poetry. At the heart of our work at The Ziarat Project, we carry a deep-rooted
commitment to vernacular communities and exposures of exchange. The Laghu Chitrakala
Caravan is a tailor-made thematic residential workshop of exchange that will focus on the
tools and techniques of cultural knowledge, local material dependent on ecology, used by
Kangra miniature painting artists.
This Carawan guarantees to provide the participants with an ineffably sublime experience of
learning the art from Pahari Miniatures styles which were visual interpretations of the poems of
Bhanudatta, Keshava Das etc. From the artistic profundity and cultural copiousness of rustic
India, this Carawaan will bring you a scope of experimenting with somatic practices and
miniature painting, which in some way influence one another in the process of creating art.
If you would like to hop on this wagon and take part in this 5-day journey of exploration, all
you’ll need to do is bring your sketch pads, musical instruments, diaries, and most
importantly STORIES on this Laghu Chitrakala Carawaan and Team Ziarat promises to offer
you an authentic experience revolving around these art forms.

Dates of the Carawaan: 13th October to 17th October (5 Days)
Location: Himachal Pradesh
Suggested Contribution: INR 15999 / $499
If you would like to hop on this Carawaan, fill out this form:

If you are traveling from Delhi, you can join our team traveling to Himachal on 12th October
2021. After filling the form you would be getting a call back from Team Ziarat regarding the
confirmation, and an email with all the details about the Carawaan will be presently reaching
your mailboxes.
For any queries regarding the Carawaan you can mail them at [email protected]
If the name Ziarat got you wondering what it means, Ziarat’ is a Persian
word which means pilgrimage or visit. In Middle-Eastern cultures it signifies the pilgrimage
of believers to various shrines of worship as one of the noblest of deeds. Just as many of
you, Team Ziarat too believes in the therapeutic, enlightening nature of travel.