Apr 26 2022 - May 26 2022


8:00 am


Histrionica is more than just a college festival. It’s a celebration of theatre, art, acting and whatnot. To celebrate them, we had our annual Stage and Street Play events completely offline after 2 years!

Aahvaan took place on day 1 under the colourfulness of the mighty ‘pandaaal’. The energy was
indeed one to talk about. We had 5 colleges performing at Aahvaan including the Hansraj
Dramatics Society, Manchtantra (SGGSCC),Aavran(BPIT), Verse(SSCBS), and Natuve(SBSC).
To judge the performances at Aavhaan, we had two prominent street artists, Mr Azhar Khan
and Mr Ritesh Singh. Be it the energizing common call or the wondrous performances, there
wasn’t a single dull moment. Each moment was savoured in either pictures or memories.
For Charades, the Stage Play Event, our venue was the Shankar Lal Auditorium, Faculty of
Music and Fine Arts for our 3 performing colleges.

The event started with a power-packed performance of The Hansraj Dramatics Society, followed
by The Ariels (Miranda House) and Lakshya (KMC). The lights, sound and the actors added to
the fervour of Histrionica, where each team put their best foot forward. We had the honour of
having Mr. Rajat Dahiya and Mr. Azhar Khan as the judges for Charades.

With all the fun, excitement and of course drama, Histrionica 2022 was a blockbuster event and
we hope to see everyone next year as well!