Eyelids droop down. One of those ennui filled days, one of those days where I wish I were anywhere but here- trapped in this mundane-ness with a deep sense of absolutely nothing. There’s a void I can’t seem to fill. I know how to, just don’t have the means. No solution seems appropriate, exact. I have a million things to do, but can’t point at where to start.

Then it plays. I stop what I’m doing. It’s as if my body has magically transformed into a svelte, hypnotized mass of movement. The sound of the guitar transports me into a world far from the nagging voice of my surroundings.


The melody connects my soul to a world I can’t describe with words, but I have the freedom to feel it in my head. The world is red and it is raining. The only sound, is the sound of music, and there’s me. I move, move with the melody. He’s saying things I cannot comprehend but I know. I know what he means.

“Come feed the rain, ’cause I’m thirsty for your love, dancing underneath the skies of lust, please feed the rain, ’cause without you, my life is nothing but this carnival of rust”

I have the freedom. The freedom to dance, to sing, to move, to transcend into a world that seems magical and enchanting. The only image in my mind is of a body dancing, frivolously moving to the beats and engulfing the melody, the music as if it were a breath of air. Fresh air.
The body is me, I am the body. Music takes me places. I can’t seem to describe it with words. If only I could, if only I could convey what is happening to me.

Gradually, the beat reduces; the melody becomes a faint sound.
“Don’t walk away, when the word is burning.”


Without music I fall, “where enough is not the same it was before”.

With music, we have the freedom. The freedom to live, the freedom the exhibit. The freedom to express, to interpret.

We have the freedom to be.

If there is anything that’s scorching delhi’s internet cables right now its Gossip Girl! Not only is the nasty bitchyness getting under our skins, its also got its share of the slutty, the contaminated, the troubled angsty demons and the absolutely gorgeous Chase Crawford, among other things.

But that is appetite for our sensual organs. The entire blaze is about the fabulously gorgeous assortment of what can only be called Couture, which the she demons parade around in! (And the lack of the same for he demons.) Chuck Bass ofcourse, I personally wouldn’t want to see naked but I know plenty of certain somebodies who’d drool over the devil!

Here are samples of the scrumptious fashion line that flaunts it across the ramps of Bitchyland. We know you love them…XOXO

Out of the four Grand Slam Tennis Tournaments that keep us glued to our idiot boxes every year, Australian Open kick starts the tennis mania each year in mid-January. It is played at the Melbourne Park (called Flinders Park during 1980s), a new ( Rebound Ace) Hardcourt venue next to the Melbourne Cricket Ground. It’s origin can be traced to the grass courts at Kooyong in the city of Melbourne, where it was held for the first time in the year 1905 as The Australasian Championship. Top-ranked players sweat it out on the Melbourne hardcourts and compete for men’s and women’s singles competitions, men’s, women’s, and mixed doubles, and lastly, junior and master’s competitions.

If you have a complaint about your college, tell us about it…

Delhi University students are brilliant. They really are- industrious, talented, active, aware and a bunch of other such adjectives. Take a college like Sri Venkateswara for instance. Brilliant academics and equally good if not better ECA. However, the best part about students from a college like Venky is their extremely hardy nature and their ability to withstand & adapt to the toughest conditions.

Its something that the college inculcates within students. And what it takes is a combination of the highly eccentric hygiene conditions and the total lack of any medical facilities. Now, here one would beg the readers not to be appalled as it is probably a complex and well-thought out mechanism installed within the system is probably a deliberate attempt and it surely coincides with the complex college motto as it reads on the college site, Eschewing the mere acquistim of academic degrees, we try of foster the discovery of hidden potential and talents?

Though one does wonder what hidden potential can be discovered in a sick student, who has to undergo the tedious task of locating the elusive clinic in the college campus, and then finally the disillusioned and by now really sick student hobbles over to the market outside to continue a similar but hopefully more fateful search.

Take for example the case of first year English Hons. student Tanya Bose. She unsuccessfully searched the elusive clinic while at the same time braving horrible stomach pains in the form of bizarre treasure hunt. It was only when they finally went outside to the vast, sprawling Satya Niketan Market did they locate the solitary clinic that is the refuge of all such students who can’t live up to the seemingly tough demands of the esteemed institution. Somebody told me that a clinic of sorts exists somewhere near the sports room, but students are yet to see such a thing with their own eyes.

Even die-hard lovers of Venky dosas have been taken aback after looking at the picture of what seems to be a rat feeding on the leftovers on a table. (This picture that has been clicked by a first year student and can be sent to disbelieving cynics if they need to witness it). But, one must admit things are improving and there is work being done as far as hygiene is concerned. The dutiful installation of color coded dustbins has been followed up with repairs in the once disgusting loos. However, that is only a particular side of the metaphoric coin! Cleaning loos and installing dustbins though extremely essential don’t really compensate on the basic and essential need of a clinic, especially if we are expected to share our canteen with not only dogs and squirrels but also rats?

Its strange though, Venkateswara really is an outstanding institution but such incidents are not too isolated or rare? They happen all the time but nobody seems to really care.