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Student in Jeopardy as Examination Department turns Irresponsible

A Student from South Campus has allegedly reported the irresponsible behaviour of the examination department officials as she was forced to juggle between various offices. Read ahead to find out more.

A Ram Lal Anand College Student majoring in Hindi Journalism and Mass Communication recently asked the relevant test branches for her transcripts for the last three years. However, she was forced to juggle between various offices.

The transcripts require a fast-track application to be generated within 7 days and come with a substantial total fee. After waiting for 10 days without receiving any correspondence, the student decided to visit the South Campus examination branch, where she was informed that North Campus is the sole location where the details of her course are handled.

The following day, she visited the North Campus examination branch and asked about the same at a certain desk there. However, she was informed that they didn’t deal with the same subject and that she should visit South Campus instead. She returned to the South Campus office due to her powerlessness, where she received the same response. She was thrown around campuses, counters, and offices at college despite the influence of her department head, which enraged her. The pupil was subjected to the officials’ uncivil conduct.

The student again returned to North Campus another day and was surprised to hear, “Yeh course toh yahi ka hain, humein kyu nahi pata tha ye? (This course is there too, why didn’t we know about it then?)”  from the officials.

She was being thrown around again as the officials continued to bring out more flaws that made things more difficult for her. This was followed by a call from her department head to the office, but the officials were tossing the phone to one another. The student was therefore left with no choice but to submit an application to the Dean of Examination. The entire altercation has led to the student questioning the credibility of DU.

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