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SFI Protests Against Compulsory Hindi or Sanskrit AECC

While the SFI condemned the NEP-induced change and the CTH as Hindi and Sanskrit imposition, the ABVP shot back by calling them hypocrites and arguing that no ordinary DU student minded having to study the language.

On Friday, 18th October 2022, The Students Federation of India (SFI) initiated a protest against the Compulsory Test Hindi (CTH) and the alleged imposition of Hindi upon the students of the University of Delhi. The protest commenced in the Faculty of Arts and saw a large number of participants. This was followed by a press release by SFI on the same day detailing the happenings of the protest and their concerns.

As per the National Education Policy, there were a number of significant changes made to the DU curriculum, with one of the most important being the removal of English as AECC and its replacement with Hindi and Sanskrit. The SFI has expressed great dissatisfaction with both the NEP as a whole, and its language policy.

SFI stands firmly against all attempts by the administration-government’s nexus to saffronise, communalize and privatize our education.

the Press Release by SFI

The SFI has expressed concerns about the CTH exam being an exclusionary policy for students from non-Hindi backgrounds, especially in the case of third-year students who are mandated to appear for the exam to get their degree. Another concern expressed by the SFI members is rooted in the drastic change in curriculum for the first years. The removal of English from the AECC syllabus has been termed as a clear sign of the perpetuation of a Hindi hegemony. They accused the administration and government of trying to suppress students’ diverse languages and cultures, indispensable elements of their identities.

Through these policies of linguistic imperialism, if the Modi government is dreaming of a holocaust of the students from cultural-linguistic minorities on the campuses, the Students’ Federation Of India and the lakhs of students who have lined up beneath our red starred white flag forewarn mighty protests which will tremble each of their fascist substrata.

Lenin from SFI Hindu College in conversation with DU Beat.

The Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP), on the other hand, expressed wholehearted support for the change and condemned the SFI for protesting it. The ABVP leader we spoke to told us that their protest was merely a political gimmick, and that students of DU and Indians as a whole wanted to embrace Hindi.

I will again say these people are the biggest hypocrites in the World, they are misguiding the students as their job is to misguide, but the Students are well aware of their dirty deeds. Common student of DU has no problem with Hindi. Every Indian loves Hindi and Hindi has vibrant historical significance in the Indian subcontinent. Indeed, Hindi is a world language on a democratic basis because the number of people who speak and understand it is third in the world. And when we talk about Hindi we are not against any Language. Languages are the soul of India’s culture and diversity and we believe languages are not only the identity of India but languages are also the true conductor, communicator, and representative of our life values and rituals,

Haresh Chaudhary, President, ABVP Hindu College

At the protest, numerous students gathered and spoke out against the matter. Dastak, SFI’s cultural forum, also performed revolutionary regional music. The SFI also sent a memorandum to the Dean of Student Welfare outlining the students’ concerns in this regard. When the students presented the memorandum to the officials in their office, they were told that the CTH is a method for learning a new language. According to a student, they later asked applicants why they had applied to the university if they didn’t want to take part in the CUET procedure, which made them wonder about the institution’s reliability. The students were also told of a way for them to study English instead of Hindi or Sanskrit—at a cluster college—but they contended that this could pose significant logistical challenges.

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Image Credits: SFI

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