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Heidelberg Forum 2022: National Law University, Delhi

The first of its kind in any Law University, this forum featured enriching lectures on diversified topics and discussed much needed collaboration ideas for internationalization.

The Heidelberg University conference commenced with the meeting of Professor Dr. Harpreet Kaur, Vice Chancellor, In Charge, NLU Delhi and Dr. Daniel Mathew, Dean International Relations, NLUDelhi with Professor Dr. Marc-Philippe Weller, Vice President, Heidelberg University. This discussion started with a brief introduction to the foundation of the National Law University Delhi the courses offered, the student to teacher ratio, the campus capacity and other details related to the same. Following this Prof. Weller took everyone on a tour to Heidelberg University with his presentation on the educational institute. The Heidelberg University is regarded as the first German university to have established a center in India. The faculty members of both the parties introduced themselves to one another and ideas of collaboration were also discussed extensively throughout the meeting.

As the new National Education Policy 2020 demands more study in interdisciplinary areas and a significant increase in the internationalization of universities. This potential collaboration with Heidelberg University will be a step towards achieving the same. I feel internationalization is advantageous to the students as they would be exposed to comparative courses, have an exposure to different legal systems and would experience vast cultural diversity. It will not only increase their adaptability but also expand their world view which is of utmost importance to transform them into global citizens.

Stated Professor Dr. Harpreet Kaur, VC, In Charge, NLU Delhi.

The Heidelberg Forum was lined up with enriching lectures from the guest faculty of the University. “The Recognition Of Foreign Legal Situations Within The Framework Of Private International Law,” being the first lecture by Prof. Vanessa Grifo enlightened the students about a much needed topic discussion. Prof. Sophia Schwemmer followed soon after with a presentation on “Business And Human Rights: The Draft Directive On Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence“. Each lecture was succeeded with a question and answer round. Being one of the most intriguing part of the entire conference, the students did not hesitate from asking critical questions, nor did the professors who provided them with judicious answers. In due course,  Prof. Anton Zimmermann and Prof. Mark Fischer presented their lectures on “Digital Evidence Without Borders?- International Procedural Law Between Sovereignty And Practicality” and “Is There A Future For Pluralism and Relativism In Times Of Big Data Driven Science.” Both of them being highly discerning discussions were enjoyed by the students. 

The Forum ended with a friendly vote of thanks from both the educational institutions and a much needed yet delectable lunch.

Featured Image Credits: Vanya Garud for DU Beat.

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