BAZINGA: DU to Introduce Uniforms for the First Years

The University of Delhi has unofficially announced the introduction of uniforms in all colleges of the university for first years. The decision comes after the Ministry of Education’s legislation to mandate uniforms in all public universities under the Central Government.

Following the recent legislation by the Ministry of Education (MoE) mandating “uniforms for all public universities under the purview of the Central government”, the University Grants Committee (UGC) in joint association with the Assistant Registrar (Colleges) has stated that, the government’s new policy has been taken into consideration, hereby implementing the introduction of uniforms at the University of Delhi from the following year for first years. The new uniforms shall comprise purely of Indian textiles and designs, made by indigenous designers, creating an era of new opportunities for the textile industry and will also help standardize the culture of apparel in colleges making it equitable for all.

The DU Vice-Chancellor, Yogendra Singh, stated in a press conference that “this decision comes at the dawn of a new India, one that seeks to redesign and rewrite the colonial impact that has ailed our country over these past decades. Delhi University supports the government’s new policy and shall do everything to uphold it.

The notification, demonstrating a rather mercurial take on the cultural aspect of higher education institutions in India, has naturally managed to gauge a lot of traction from college-goers and
professors. Factions have evolved, with some haranguing the new decision, calling it a “broad stroke of saffronism” and an “unnecessary intervention of the government in university dynamics”, while others are calling it a sensational move that “will take the Indian culture a step higher on the ladder of global domination”.

I feel like as college students and adults, we at least carry the liberty to dress as we want. This new decision by the government and materialized by Delhi University makes it very difficult for me to have a normal college life. Ye school thodi hai ki uniforms introduce kar diye.

said a 3rd year DU student in conversation with DU Beat.

While discussing this policy with one of the professors of DU, they said, “I feel like this should help students focus more on their academics and can also embolden their respect towards Indian culture and ethos“.

The notification by the MOE also states that designs of the uniforms shall be given clarity in another notice, which will be released by the end of this year. Now, whether this decision means good news in the long run, or remains a meticulously orchestrated move of jingoism, is a question for the books, and the future.

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