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DU Administration Puts Political Science Post-Graduates in Jeopardy

The future of postgraduate political science seems to be put at stake by the Delhi university as no action has been taken to date despite many RTI filings

Students of Masters in Political Science at DU have been protesting against mark discrepancies for the past two months and yet the university seems to remain unbothered. A report published by DU Beat previously, states, 169 students of Masters in Political Science from DU have alleged that their mark sheets contain erroneous marks.

Following the claimed marks difference to which they were informed, students submitted more than 150 RTIs. And after more consideration, the students came up with plausible explanations for the disparity in marks. The mismatch was made abundantly evident by the RTI reports. Student Jagdish Kumawat’s GRPTs were 5, 5, and 6, giving him a CGPA of 5.52 and an SGPA of 5.55. His internal marks were 19 and around, and he received 42,42,41 on the main paper, according to the information from RTI. This results in a total score of 61,59,59, which again, by the marking criteria, equals a GRPT grade of 8,7,7. Additionally, the disparity is evident in all of the stated occurrences.

Students are now uncertain about a problem that isn’t even their responsibility, thanks to the university. The university has not yet provided any input, and no action has been made to correct the mark sheets. The protesting students also made contact with the Vice Chancellor and sent a letter with concerns dated September 26. These concerns included issues with exam transparency, proper linear checking, a threat to students applying for various competitive exams and those considering pursuing a Ph.D. at foreign universities, an inadequate course duration, and others.

A reply from Central Public Information Officer directed the students to the Head of the Political Science Department and the Assistant Registrar. Previously, the Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences also directed the students to the Head of MA Political Science.

The students are being tossed from one office to another since 16th September, while the university is still not willing to answer the pretty evident error they committed. There is no assurance that the Head of Political Science will answer on such short notice. The department is saying to the examination branch. The examination branch is saying go to the department

Ankit Patel, DU Student

The Ministry of Education has also received letters from the pupils, and it appears that they are both in the consideration stage. The pupils’ futures in both their academic and professional fields are now in jeopardy. A student claimed that the error prevents him from meeting the requirements for his work. While the student Jagdish Kumawat scored 92.7 percentile in one of the most difficult tests, UGC Net, it is questionable why he scored so poorly on the PG program. His real average totals almost 59%.

On November 7, the students and a few ABVP members also spoke with the officials. While they admitted fault, they never provided a timeline for when the mistake would be fixed. There is no information about deadlines set by the university, which has caused further problems for the students.

 Considering the image the University of  Delhi has across the country, recent discrepancies seem to unveil the hidden side of ignorant officials and how students are at stake due to their unaccountability.

Feature Image Source: Hindustan Times

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