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#Admissions 2022: Sports Quota in DU: All You Need to Know

For the first time in two years, Delhi University has decided to revert back to its
traditional methods of Sports and ECA quota admissions. Here’s the new (old)

Traditionally, Delhi University has always offered prospective students a chance to use
their extracurricular skills to boost their chances of admission to one of the most sought
after universities in the country. This procedure involved a panel that judged a
combination of students’ merit certificates and trial performances to determine the grace
marks that the student would receive during cutoff season.

Since the arrival of COVID-19 back in 2020, the varsity chose to rely solely on the
judgement of merit certificates as the lockdown and social distancing measures made in
person trials impossible. However, this year, the varsity has finally brought back offline
trials as a way to judge students as well.

Seats will be offered on the basis of combined ECA merit, which will be calculated by
taking 25% of the highest program-specific CUET percentage score of all the
programmes in which the candidate has applied, and 75% of the highest ECA score
obtained from all the categories in which the applicant has been considered.

Haneet Gandhi, Dean of Admissions

Candidates who have represented the country on an international level, including the
Olympics, Commonwealth Games or the World Cup are classified as Category A
candidates. These candidates shall be granted admission without sports trials.

Any other candidates under the sports quota will be required to participate in sports trials
conducted by the university. There are a total of 28 sports recognised for the
supernumerary sports quota and you can find the full list here.


The procedure is straightforward and largely similar to the one for the admissions process
through CUET.
? Visit and fill the application form.? Candidates can apply for a maximum of three sports.
? Upload self-attested copies of upto a maximum of 3 Merit/Participation Sports
certificates of the preceding five years between 1st April 2017 to 30th June 2022.
? Candidates are then required to upload the following necessary documents and
review the submitted information.
? Select the programs you wish to apply for. The university recommends that
candidates choose the maximum number of programs that they fulfil the program-
specific eligibility for.
? Confirm the program-specific CUET merit score.
? Select your program+college combination preferences. Once again, the university
recommends that the candidates choose the maximum number of combinations.
? Confirm preferences.

Not all colleges offer the same amount of seats for all sports. It is advised that candidates
check if their preferred college makes reservations for their sports here.

75% of the weightage for admissions will be given to in person trial performances and
25% to a combination of merit certificates.

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