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Onella 2022: Chaos at Miranda House due to Overcrowding

At Onella, Miranda House, peaceful mela turned into a complete chaos due to uncontrollable crowd. Overcrowding caused nuisance and disrupted the entire event. Read ahead to find out more.

On 14 October 2022, Miranda House College held its Diwali Mela, Onella. The event had been announced on the Instagram page of Miranda House’s NSS unit nearly a month in advance. Entry was declared to be open for all college students, as long as they carried their college ID cards with them. However, on the day itself, the situation soon descended into a state of utter chaos as an overwhelming number of people arrived for the event.

Entry started at 10:30 AM and a huge crowd had formed outside the entry gate by around 12 PM. There were only two people at the gate to check ID cards and regulate entry. As the crowd continued to grow bigger, students who were waiting to gain entry found themselves having to wait for very long periods of time.

I had to wait outside the college for over forty minutes just to be told that entry would take place after an hour or so. A lot of students were pushed around and manhandled, with some even falling and getting hurt.

Zainab Haleem, 3rd year student of Miranda House

At around 12:30 PM, attempts began to be made to disperse the crowd, but to no avail. Some of the male students who were part of the crowd were especially rowdy. They were trying to climb over the walls to enter the college premises, and the people who were doing this were being encouraged by the crowd which had gathered around the gate. The crowd was also attempting to push through the gates in order to enter the college. The Delhi Police were present inside the Miranda House campus in order to control the crowd, but according to students who were present on the scene, they were not helping out much.

At 1 PM, the stalls were asked to begin to wrap up by the professors, even though the event was originally supposed to go on till 4:30 PM.

We had paid Rs. 1200 to book a stall. Stalls, which were set up by people apart from Miranda House students, had a higher rent. The stalls had been booked for the whole day, but then the professors came at 1 PM and started asking us to wrap up. Until 2:30 PM, there wasn’t even any scope of going anywhere, so we were just sitting at our stall with our things.

Student of Miranda House

Inside the campus, several incidents of harassment took place. Male students were taking photographs of and filming female students without their consent. They had also climbed on top of buildings and were hooting and chanting slogans. One student barged into an ongoing class by pushing the door and window open. When the students of the class took a stand, he pushed the professor and ran away. Volunteers were not present on campus, so random students were asked to help vacate the college premises.

We tried reaching the NSS people but we couldn’t. Myself and some other students from my department had to volunteer to vacate the premises. While vacating the campus, no distinction was made between Mirandians and non-Mirandians, and the former were being ushered out of their own institution.

Student of Miranda House

DU Beat reached out to the NSS Miranda unit for comment, but received no response.

Notably, this is not the first time such an incident has taken place at Miranda House. Earlier this year, there was overcrowding and misbehaviour during Miranda House’s annual fest, Tempest.

It’s sad that this is the current scenario. If even one event gets out of hand, all the other departments and societies have to suffer, which is not fair.

Aashra Patel, President of the Philosophy Department, Miranda House

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Featured Image Credits: Sukriti Singh for DU Beat

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