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NSS Day Celebration at Hindu College

24th September is celebrated as NSS day, across the country and with this premise NSS Hindu College celebrated its 53rd NSS day. Read more to find out.

In the Sanganeria Auditorium of Hindu College, the 53rd National Service Scheme Day was observed with fervor on 24th September 2022. The NSS is run by the Ministry of Youth affairs and Sports with the mission of public and common service to the society. In the wake of this, this day is observed to appreciate the NSS volunteers and also the cause for which they stand.

The whole event involved speeches, musical performances, question answer session, dance performance, violin performance etc. the event started with the lamp lighting ceremony shortly after which, a musical performance by Alankar, The Indian Music society of Hindu College, was witnessed. The programme officer of NSS addressed the audience and talked about the importance of NSS and the service it provides. There were several sessions in the event. The first session was undertaken by Shubhendu Ghosh, a Senior anchor and correspondent at DD India. Highlighting the importance of health, he also asserted that we should tend more to innovations to expunge solutions.

A short video was also screened, showcasing the activities and achievements of the NSS Hindu. This was followed by another screening of the video wherein the speaker, Suhas Lalinakere Yathiraj was in conversation with Narendra Modi. Mr. Suhas, an IAS officer, conducted a very interactive and fun session which was followed by a round of questions and answers.

Ms. Chinki Sinha, the first female editor at Outlook Magazine, was the next speaker. She talked about the cover pages of outlook magazine and the story behind them. She also tended to the questions raised by the audience. Another performance was added to the queue by Adhrita, the Indian Classical Dance Society of Hindu College.

This performance was followed by the talk given by Anuradha Singh, a film Editor known for movies like “Slumdog Millionaire”, in which she discussed the issue of ‘homelessness’ and displayed her short film, “Welcome Home”. 

The end of the event included singing, violin performance and closing performance by Nakshatra, the fashion society of Hindu College.

The concluding remarks and vote of thanks were given by Anjali Gupta, the president of NSS Hindu college.

It was once in history when NSS Day was celebrated officially in the college Auditorium and that too having great vibrant personalities like Mr. Suhas LY, IAS and a World Champion of Badminton . I had heard about him a lot and seeing him speaking in front of me and then afterwards meeting him was once in a lifetime experience.

It was indeed an inspirational day.

Subhan Farid, third year student at Hindu College.

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Featured Image Credits: Subhan Farid from NSS.


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