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IIT Bombay’s #Delhi Multicity DAY 1

IIT Bombay’s Delhi Multicity Auditions took place at the Delhi Technological University (DTU) with great vigor and excitement from participants from across Delhi and other cities. Read ahead to know more about the events.

IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo is one of the most fascinating fests in the entire country. Mood Indigo has evolved to be a platform for global cultural interaction over the years. This year marks the 51st anniversary of the signature festival. Its Delhi Multicity elimination round took place at DTU on the 15th and 16th of October.

Day 1 of IIT Bombay’s Mood Indigo kickstarted with amazing energy through the art of dance. The first event, MI The Best, was a solo dance competition at the BR Ambedkar Auditorium in the Delhi Technological University (DTU). The event saw many energetic dancers show off their skills in all styles – from the traditional to breakdance on the famous Pasoori. The event saw participation from prominent Delhi University colleges like Shyama Prasad Mukherjee College, Mata Sundari, and others. Dancers from Indraprastha University set the stage alight. However, as deserving as every performance was, the final accolades could only go to two performances. The judges announced the winners as Slots 14 and 30, with a special shoutout to slot 35 for an incredible performance.

Another event Third Bell was the dramatics competition for Mood Indigo’s Delhi elimination round, held at Delhi Technological University( DTU). There were more than 15  teams participating. The competition saw a myriad of plays based on various different themes. IINTM Janakpuri performed a haunting yet stunning piece on the non-acceptance of the expression of gender identity by the present-day society which has its own fixed notions of behavior and roles assigned to each gender. The usage of lights to depict a scene wherein the protagonist is forced to undergo electrocution as a part of conversion therapy left one with goosebumps.

Witnessing an aggregation of artists at Mood Indigo was amazing, I felt more connected to my art.”

Deepanshu Rohilla, Aveksha, the Dramatics society of GGSIPU, Dwarka

The rap battle, MI’NEM took off with a bang, and each successful performance reached greater heights of energy. The rappers’ subjects ranged from the quest for love to broken dreams, and their experience from decades to a month and a half.

Several participants faltered or fumbled in the middle of their sets, but came back even stronger and delivered spirited performances, spurred on by the judges, audience and host’s cheers.

After the final performance was complete, the judges expressed their pleasure at seeing several new faces in the lineup. They noted that the participants had been required to perform without music and that this was a learning experience for them, also offering tips on the same.

Vishal Singhal was the runner-up for MI’NEM while Vishal Malik came first.

The room for MI Idol, the solo Indian singing competition, resounded with the sound of musicians rehearsing their pieces—voices harmonizing and guitars strumming. Some came together for a rousing rendition of Atif Aslam’s Aadat before the competition even began. Some memorable performances included those of Sawaar Loon, Phir Le Aaya Dil, Garaj Garaj, Kalank and Maula Mere Maula, as well as a range of classical competitions. The best of these received standing ovations from the audience, which included many non-participants who had come to take in the vast display of talent. Manjeet Singh, whose performance of Naina Thag Lenge raised the roof, won the event and will proceed to the finals in Mumbai.

One of the most awaited events, not even the delay on Singing the Indigos could put a damper on the enthusiasm of both the participants and the audience. Participants channeled Beyoncé, Christina Aguilera and Sam Smith, though lesser-known tracks were also performed. Also, be credited for the crackling energy at the event was the host, whose lighthearted intersections kept spirits constantly high.

Aarushi, an audience member from DTU, told us that she was “awestruck by the amount of talent on display at just the elimination round.” She expressed disappointment at the fact that she wouldn’t be able to attend the main fest in Mumbai but wished the two winners, who were also from DTU, the best of luck.

Beat the Street was the final competitive event on day one of Mood Indigo. It was a group street dance competition. Teams danced to music compilations including Bollywood songs, popular English songs and Punjabi music. Six teams competed in the event, and each team delivered a jaw-dropping performance. In the end, however, it was the team from the College of Vocational Studies which emerged victorious. There was a surprise performance of freestyle hip-hop by one of the judges of the Beat the Street event in order to round off the event. It was that great ending that needed to end a day full of excitement and enjoyment. Towards the end of the day, a Hip Hop fest warmed up the stage setting the vibe of the day.

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