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IGDTUW’s Innerve ’22: Day 2

The second day of IGDTUW’s Innerve technical fest was met with double the excitement, enthusiasm, and vibrance. The entirety of the day’s event, which tested the participants on various areas of their knowledge base, culminated in an incredible set of signing, dance, and music.

Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW) saw the second day of its fest in even higher spirits. Held on 1st October 2022, the fest followed the theme of ‘Multiverse’ across the various competitions held across different departments, organized by the students of the university. The participants, from all over the country (and especially Delhi) took on all the challenges thrown their way with keen enthusiasm!

Midge Quest challenged the participants to show off their knowledge of circuits and connections along with their puzzle-solving skills. The event showed the overarching theme of Innerve: the “multiverse” as participants tried to connect and solve their “universes”. It saw a wonderful blend of fun and technical knowledge as the first round gave the different participants easy but ridiculous dares to complete. The second round asked participants to find the “midges” or bugs in the circuit in a timed format while the third round asked them to design a circuit based on real-life problems. The last round required the two participants standing to finish their universes in a rapid-fire format. Eventually, Dilpreet Singh was declared the winner.

The competition was not just bookish, instead, we gave contestants real-life examples to design circuits and debug them.

A volunteer from the Innerve team.

The day’s second event was Loose Screws, a game held in three rounds in the Architecture Department. The first round was held online wherein participants were asked to play scribble relating to mechanical parts. Day 2 saw two rounds. The first round of Day 2, i.e., the second round of the game was a treasure hunt. Participants were given a treasure hunt map using which they had to find clues hidden on campus.

There was a location part, there was a defining part. This round stressed over 40 mins. It was an amazing experience for both the OC as well as the participants.

Ananya Pawar, the head coordinator said. 

Four teams advanced to the final round. With no software limitation, participants were to design the parts they guessed in the second round. Ares Mech 2 bagged the winning position while Ares Mech 4 emerged as runners-up. 

It was a great event. We joined a lot. It was an extraordinary idea.

said members of Ares Mech 4.

Another event that occurred simultaneously was Upside Down, which commenced in the examination department. Here, based on the show Stranger Things, participants assumed the role of Eleven, played by Millie Bobby Brown in the show. Eleven travels through different universes to save her friend, Max, tackling Demogorgons in the first two rounds, while in the final round she has to save Max from Vecna. Participants were supposed to answer some questions, if answered wrong they lose a point. Nishtha Goyal emerged as the winner.

Due to time constraints, we saw a total of 25 participants but we uploaded the game on Unstop, and there we had 127 registrations. This is my second year of organizing Innerve. This has been an amazing experience post-COVID-19 period. Innerve makes you aware of many new technologies, especially the CSIT team.

Vaidehi Singhal, The CSIT Core.

Mysteries of the Multiverse was a fascinating event that questioned the teams’ technical knowledge about ECE components and their imaginations. The first round involved a Kahoot quiz, followed by spinning a wheel that would then get the team one of four “mysteries”. This mystery would give the team a range of components that they are then required to make a “weapon” out of – things ranging from smartwatches to smart cars. Such a fascinating proposition was always going to see a lot of enthusiastic participation and the teams did not disappoint! However, only one could win the overall prize and that honour went to team APE with Team Assassin ending the competition as runners-up.

The participants will be judged upon the basis of scalability, originality, and more.

A volunteer from the Innerve team

Attendees were especially excited about Dronacharya, the drone competition, held in two rounds from 1 pm to 4 pm. The first round was a buzzer round and commenced in Architecture Department wherein teams were judged based on their subjective knowledge of drones. The second round was held on the college ground. It was a two-fold round. Round 2(A), denoted the Goldilocks Zone asked the teams to navigate their drones through a pathway of different obstacles, all of which ensured different points based on the difficulty level. Round2(B), Post-Apocalyptic Waste Land heightened the difficulty levels of the first round, ensuring different points. Despite drone malfunctioning and technical issues, teams fought to their best extent!

Reversi, organized in the examination department from 2-4 P.M, was a tech-take on the traditional game of Othello, where there are black and white pawns, the placement of the black pawn on the white will switch the color to black, which also opens up an array of questions, answering which participants can progress further, from where it becomes a two-player game. 

We had 137 registrations. Round 1 was an individual game and in Round 2 players were made into a duo.

said Akshara, part of the organizing team.

 From 4-6 P.M., another game, Bridge of Life, took place in the Examination Department. With the highest score of 180, Tejas Singh emerged as the winner of Bridge of Life.

The last event of Innerve’s day 2 was the Quests of Galaxy, an event that pitted teams of two against each other, testing their knowledge of engineering basics and the stars! It was a tightly contested affair that saw the eventual winners being Team 9 with participants of the Netaji Subhas University of Technology (NSUT).

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Featured Image Credits: Bharish for DU Beat.

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