IGDTUW’s Innerve ’22: Day 1

The first day of the annual technical fest of IGDTUW, Innerve 2022, struck the perfect balance between the spirit of competition and the essence of a cultural fest. A combination of a plethora of events and a soulful end by Devendrapal Singh, Day 1 at Innerve 2022 was nothing short of an experience.

The Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University for Women (IGDTUW) has been home to its two-day annual technical fest, Innerve 2022. Day 1 of the event organised on Friday, September 30, 2022, comprised of a multitude of events and competitions, designed by the students of the university across different departments and curated on the popularly celebrated and renowned theme of multiverse. The multiverse ranged from Marvel to Harry Potter and everything in between. Innerve was also rightly adorned with zealous and enthusiastic participating colleges/ universities from all across Delhi and India, with students and individuals bringing their A-game to the table. 

The first event-cum-competition, Tesseract, an exciting hackathon, gave Innerve a great start. It was an AI/ ML-based hackathon that aimed to use the best AI/ML algorithms to address problems in the healthcare, education, and environmental sectors. 

The tournament was a worthwhile learning experience in and of itself, ” 

said Sanchi, a participant from team Hijackers.

Team Desk Champions and Team Entrailers were declared winners in the event. 

Tesseract was followed by an enthralling game called, Blackhole Voyage (Quest of Multiverse). A voyage across four universes within the multiverse and an attempt to save these universes from different villains through coding and with only a single shot at it, Blackhole Voyage, a student-designed video game, certainly created an intense air of competition and ingenious spirit amidst the crowd. 

It was an absolutely amazing event. You could actually see the hard work the organising committee had put into creating this video game and event,” 

said Bhumika Gupta and Anushka Kotnala, participants of Blackhole Voyage and students of IGDTUW. 

Alongside the much enthralling Blackhole Voyage, IGDTUW had another one of its stellar planned events called Erudite. Erudite was an ideathon event organised in collaboration with the Arc-Data Science Club of IGDTUW. This event consisted of two rounds: idea submission followed by the pitch. Eleven teams cleared the first round and were handed out problem statements on domains such as sustainability, AR/VR, gaming, blockchain, and smart automation. The teams were given an hour to develop a solution to the problem and present it to the judging panel. 

Erudite was followed by Techno Clash, a conventional style debate based on themes and motions falling under the tech umbrella. Participants, with their 7+3 minutes of speech+rebuttal time period, made compelling arguments for their on-the-spot allotted motions. 

Nearly 25 individuals registered via preliminary and spot registrations participated in the debate,” 

said Yashika Behl, one of the members of the organising committee of the debate. 

The top performers of the debate, Kislay Bhardwaj and Aditya Pandey, broke their tied score by debating on “The not-so-hidden environmental politics of Marvel’s apocalyptic blockbuster, Avengers: Endgame”, where Kislay secured the first spot, followed by Aditya as the Runner up. 

Adding to this already abuzz event, Roboignitors, a clash of robots, became a crowd favourite. Comprising of 3 rounds, with two of them being eliminatory in nature, Roboignitors was the “only event which was open to not only university-level students but also to school students” informed Disha Musib, a 2nd year IT student at IGDTUW. Teams came to participate in the event from far and wide, with one team having travelled all the way from Chandigarh. The first position was bagged by Team Mechatron. 

The robot fight event was soon followed by an enticing treasure hunt game called the Door to Multiverse. There were five rounds in this theme-based treasure hunt. The participants had to first predict an electrical component by solving puzzles and were then handed a new set of puzzles to solve, which directed them to the next location. Once there, the participants went back to the beginning and worked out another puzzle to figure out which circuit their electrical component was a part of. The participants were then given the circuit’s predicted location. The participants were given three to five minutes to complete their electrical circuit after reaching the final location. 

For me, this was a unique experience, and I had a great time at the event, which the organisers managed expertly.,”

a college freshman named Anjali, in conversation with DU Beat.

Next in store was a Harry Potter-themed event called Campus of Secrets, an AR game that transcended the boundaries of restricted venues and classroom walls and was played throughout the campus. 

Through the university-designed game, people have to search for the Horcruxes in the form of Harry Potter images spread across the entire campus. Some of these Horcruxes are also false to intensify the difficulty level,” 

stated Gyanvi, one of the organisers of the event. 

These images had to be scanned through the participants’ AR cameras that, upon unlocking the code through the university-designed game, would reveal a question/riddle that was to be solved by the participants. 

This was followed by a programming event called Code Relay. It was a team-based coding competition, where the participants had to convert one form of a problem statement into another with a fresh set of time and space-related complexities. This was certainly a high-energy event. 

Last but not least on the technical itinerary of the fest was Gearify

Designed by women in tech, Gearify aims to turn ideas into torque and basically simplify gears,” 

said Omi Patil, a 2nd-year Mechanical Engineering student of IGDTUW, in conversation with DU Beat. 

Finally, following this tech-heavy afternoon, the evening arrived with a melodic and heartfelt performance by the incredible singer and performer, Devenderpal Singh, balancing the tech with ample culture. The festival’s sweat and adrenaline were reduced to sunsets, waving hands, coloured spotlights, and ecstatic faces. The second day of Innerve is set to continue on Saturday, October 1, 2022, with even more exciting events, competitions filled with fervour, and an audience with definitely the highest of the “high-josh”!

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