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Daulat Ram College Organizes ‘Positive Conversations 3.0: Igniting the H.E.R.O. Within’

With the vigilance of people regarding issues of mental health in society, so is the case with certain colleges of DU. The Centre for Well-Being and Flourishing of Daulat Ram College and its convenor Dr. Pooja V Anand had similar envisions, and thus organized an informative and engaging session for the students on Thursday, 29th September. Read on to know more. 

The Centre for Well-Being and Flourishing under IQAC, Daulat Ram College on 29th September organized the event titled ‘Positive Conversations 3.0: Igniting the H.E.R.O. Within’ under the guidance of Dr. Pooja V Anand, who established the same in 2018 by the name Psychology Research Centre. The Principal, Faculty members and students decked the Conference hall of DRC with enthusiasm. Two colleges in Rajasthan under the Vidya Vistar Scheme also graced the occasion in hybrid mode. 

The convenor, Dr. Pooja Anand kickstarted the event by felicitating the dignitaries, both offline and online, and gave a heartfelt speech giving details of past as well as present accomplishments. In 2019, the event saw the light of the day for the first time and has been continuing every year till now. 

When we talk about inspirational people/ resilience, hope, etc., we think of celebrities mostly. The aim of the session is to celebrate the H.E.R.O. within all of us- Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism.

Dr. Pooja Anand.

Vice Principal of DRC, Prof. Sarita Nanda, and the principals from the collaborating colleges under the Vidya Vistar Scheme also graced the occasion with heartfelt speeches. This was followed by a Character Strength activity wherein members were asked to examine their top strengths and write them on a badge-  hope, humour, social justice, appreciation of beauty and excellence, spirituality, and forgiveness.

A speaker session followed shortly wherein students Nidhi Malik, Deepshikha Deb, Anubha Bajaj, and Yashika Yadav from DRC represented their stories of Hope, Efficacy, Resilience, and Optimism while Ishika Gehlot from Rajkiya Kanya Mahavidyalaya, Rajasthan her story of Optimism. Their stories involved much more than their signature character strengths.

I conceptualized this event with a lot of hope and passion four years ago. It’s always good to see students coming and sharing their stories.

Dr. Pooja Anand in conversation with DU Beat.

The event concluded with a gratitude activity wherein doctor Pooja asked the students to write 3 things they are grateful for in life. She also mentioned how oftentimes we are so involved in what we don’t have that we forget to be grateful.  

A display board outside the hall was filled by students with ideas of H.E.R.O, their feedback, and suggestions.

Being from Psychology Hons, this was very similar to how our classes take place. We have a similar take on things. It was really engrossing and engaging’.

said Sambhavi, a student of DRC to DU Beat.

It was really lovely to hear so many people with their inspiring stories. Seeing them overcome their fears is really inspiring.

Yashika Choudhary, a student and an anchor for the event said.

The event was a huge success with students from the college turning up with great enthusiasm and fervor.


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