AAVYA Miranda House Rallies For Fur Friends

AAVYA, Miranda House’s Animal Welfare Chapter conducted a rally on the occasion of World Animal Day on Tuesday in a bid to spread awareness about animal brutality and animal rights.

AAVYA, the Animal Welfare Drive of Miranda House, conducted a rally on Tuesday to spread awareness about animal rights and their welfare. The rally was conducted on the occasion of World Animal Day on October 4th at the college itself.

We are praying and spreading awareness towards animals because they can’t speak, they can’t cry. Maybe they cry, but we don’t understand. We don’t want to hurt them anymore so we are trying to spread awareness to people to love them as much as they can.

Devansh Vyas, a volunteer at the rally.

The rally saw participation from students across  University of Delhi as they united in their cries against growing animal brutality and abuse. Slogans such as “Ghar ghar ka ek nara hai, indie sabse pyaara hai” and “bezubaan jaanvaron ki yeh pukaar, chodh do humei, mat karo sanhaar” were declared by the protestors.

People don’t even know that animals also have a day, they don’t even know that animals have rights. So you see there is a lot of increasing animal abuse happening around. We want to peacefully protest against that and spread awareness about it.

Osheen, AAVYA

October 4th has been celebrated as World Animal Day for almost a century, since 1925. AAVYA partnered with other animal activist organizations such as the Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO), Straw India, CoExist (PFA chapter of Hansraj College), and The Desi Club for the rally.

AAVYA also regularly tries to find homes for rescues and abandoned pets. You can find adoption appeals for pets looking for a new, loving home on their Instagram page at @aavya_mh. In conversation with DU Beat, another volunteer implied that the animal welfare drive is far from done in its efforts for this issue and has many other events lined up to spread awareness for the protection of DU’s furry friends.

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