Teachers’ Day Celebrated Across DU

Possibly it’s a debatable topic that students forget about festivals and festivities with the culmination of school life. But we can not disagree that we see students in huge numbers, even in colleges turning up joyfully for celebrating occasions like Teachers’ Day. 

After a long online phase, September 5th of 2022 turned out to be the first offline Teacher’s Day since the pandemic. The pandemic saw a halt in celebrations like these, but nothing compares to a sweet-smiled gesture rather than a wish copied off the Internet. Many colleges and departments across DU celebrated Teacher’s Day in huge fervor to show gratitude toward their teachers

National Service Scheme, Hindu College organized an extravagant program in the auditorium premises. The event was a grand success, which saw a huge turnout from both students and teachers, who graced the event, and were entertained with an array of sublime performances by the performing arts societies of the college. An entertaining episode of fun-filled games was also organized for the teachers. The professors were also paired into two and asked to walk a ramp, which escalated into a very humorous, extravagant, and interactive session for the teachers who enjoyed the event to the fullest.

Students of Lady Shri Ram orchestrated a grandiose ‘Retro-Themed Celebration‘ which they named ‘Rubaru‘, Full of pomp and splendor with the students embellishing the college with retro-themed decorations, everyone bedecked the floor in retro-themed outfits. Titled ‘Ishara‘, ‘Mehfil‘, and ‘Chitrahaar‘, it was a three-fold event, graced by a flash mob, open mic, and a jamming session.

Principal ma’am was very joyous. She took us down memory lane and reflected on her college days in the same college, telling her experiences in college. She reflected on how college life, sharing anecdotes on how it has changed and the theme really was nostalgic for her. The event was a grand success and a reminder of the return of offline celebrations, fests, etc.

Inayat Kapoor, General Secretary of LSR in talks with DU Beat.

In Maitreyi College, Prof, Haritma Chopra kickstarted the festivities with her beautiful speech. Performances followed shortly, with the Commerce Department students enacting an unforeseen skit. Members of the students graced the audience with an energetic dance performance. The teachers too were involved in performances, playing fun games. The Students’ Union of Maitreyi College also presented the professors with customized gifts. A half-an-hour DJ event also took place according to the details given by one of the members of the union.

NSS KMC adhered to addressing social issues and graced the auspicious occasion by organising games for Children in Chandrawal , explaining to them the importance of education and Teacher’s Day.

Students came out in huge numbers to thank the efforts of their professors. These celebrations were not limited to colleges alone. Many departments celebrated the occasion internally and intimately.

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