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Sri Venkateswara Student Faces Remarks for ‘Inappropriate Clothing’

A student from one of the prestigious academic institutions under DU, namely, Sri Venkateswara College (SVC) faced sexual comments on her attire by three male professors of the college.

The incident took place when Khushpreet Kaur, a second year student from Physics Honours was visiting the admin office of her college. A group of professors right outside the office called her and advised, “Beta, you should wear something more decent.”, as said Khushpreet to DU Beat. On getting asked by Kaur what the word ‘decent’ means, he replied, “I would not want my daughter to wear something like this,” and further explained that ‘decent’ meant wearing full clothes. 

Kaur further questioned how their idea of ‘decent’ would make her look more appropriate. On being asked these questions, the professors enquired whether she belonged to a liberal arts course and proceeded to comment, “Physics honours people are not supposed to argue” on knowing her degree and before just laughing the matter off. Later, one of the professors from the same circle informed Kaur that the person who had initially called up on her was Shankar A Reddy, ex principal of SVC. 

Kaur then emailed the current principal of Sri Venkateswara College, letting her know of the details of the case. There has been a positive response from the authorities and the decision of setting up an Internal Complaints Committee (ICC) in college has been taken, which would include student representatives as members so that they are more approachable the next time something of this sort takes place. A Gender Sensitization Session will also be conducted for the students and the professors by the college, to educate them about casual sexism, objectification, slut shaming and victim blaming.  

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