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Ritva Foundation: Spreading Awareness about Menstruation

The Ritva Foundation was founded by students from Kirori Mal College with the aim of demystifying menstruation by spreading awareness. The organisation is currently working in several DU colleges.

All over the world, the topic of menstruation is still largely a sensitive subject. In India, menstruation continues to be an issue that is surrounded by stigma, marked by myths, and shunned by society. In order to combat these problems, the Ritva Foundation was founded in 2021 by Tanisha Pandit with the goal of raising awareness about menstruation by providing correct and proper information and support. The core team comprises students from Kirori Mal College. 

Our primary goal is to normalise and destigmatize menstruation in India, while the secondary goal is to spread awareness about sustainable menstruation. Menstruation is not a women’s issue, but a human issue.”

Tanisha Pandit, founder of Ritva Foundation.

Ritva advocates for safe and sustainable menstrual products being necessities instead of luxuries. Having been successful in its primary goal of beginning to destigmatise menstruation, Ritva has begun to branch out and undertake other agendas as well. These include issues related to breastfeeding, spreading awareness about policies related to menstruation, and providing information about conditions such as PCOS (Polycystic Ovary Syndrome). The organisation has carried out signature campaigns, held conferences and debates, and collaborated with several colleges and influencers in order to boost awareness about these issues.

Improper treatment of menstrual waste is another pertinent problem in the world today and it also gives rise to several environmental concerns. On 25th August 2022, the Ritva Foundation launched a campaign named ‘Unplastic Menstruation’ which aims to spread awareness regarding the proper ways to dispose off and treat menstrual waste. They collaborated with two other organisations, Urja and Youth of India, to launch this campaign. The campaign was launched by Dr. Erik Solheim, the former environment minister of Norway and the 6th Executive Director of the United Nations Environment Programme. 

We want our campaign Unplastic Menstruation to reach out to all the parts of the University of Delhi so that the youth can do something about it. We want all the colleges to be period friendly.”

Continued Tanisha.
Launch of the campaign ‘Unplastic Menstruation’

The Ritva Foundation is currently working in several colleges such as Hindu College, Miranda House, Zakir Hussain College, and Lakshmibai College. 

Featured Image Credits: Ritva Foundation

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