Protest over Leaked Videos in Chandigarh University

Trigger Warning: Sexual Abuse, Suicide

The Chandigarh University witnessed a huge protest over “allegedly” leaked videos of several students. However, the authorities have rejected the allegations. Read ahead to find out more. 

On Saturday, 17 September 2022, students of Chandigarh university held a massive protest over some objectionable videos of several women students, that were allegedly recorded and leaked. It is rumoured that videos of over 60 students have been leaked. On Sunday, 18 September 2022, Bhagwant Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab, ordered a probe into the incident which was followed by protests. According to the students of the varsity, there has been physical damage to the campus like the glass of the gate of the Department of Student Welfare (DSW) has been vandalized. Reportedly, the CCTV cameras at gate no. 2 and barricades have also been compromised. Further, students had jammed the NH-5 and allegedly, the police had to carry out ‘lathi charge’ on the protestors.

In conversation with one of the students of the University, Mahesh Sharma told DU Beat about the situation. He asserted that the girls of the varsity had asked the boys to support them and hence all of them gathered together for the protest at night. They all started moving towards the LC girls’ hostel, where reportedly the incident took place. Further, he informed us that on reaching the hostel, they saw an ambulance standing.  Reportedly, a girl was being taken to the ambulance. However, the reason is still being speculated. The student told us that the reason could either be dehydration or a suicide attempt. 

The warden of the girls’ hostel said that the girls deserve this since they wore shorts. Anyone who argued with the warden was being told this as to be the reason behind the leaking of videos.”

Mahesh Sharma, student of Chandigarh University

The student alleged that the warden broke the phone of some girls in which the videos were present and asked them to suppress the matter in order to protect the image of the varsity. This was followed by students moving to the DSW gate, then to gate no. 2, and lastly to the NH-5. Reportedly, the police started lathi-charge on the boys and some students were arrested without any reason. 

Lathi wounds
Image Credits: Students of Chandigarh University

The student further informed DU Beat that the police was not cooperating with the students and rather asked them to go back to their hostels. Allegedly, the police were giving threats to lodge FIR against the students. According to the student, police and the authorities are claiming that the accused has leaked the video of herself only. However, as per the students, the accused was recording the girls for the past month, on a daily basis, and was selling the videos to someone in Shimla. He alleged that on Saturday someone caught the accused ‘red-handed’, and found over 50 videos on her phone. Reportedly, the accused has confessed her crime in a video that is being circulated through various social media platforms. 

Furthermore, allegedly, a few of the students tried committing suicide and one of them lost her life. However, the SSP (Senior Superintendent of Police) of Mohali, Vivek Soni, has washed down such reports and informed that the girl fainted due to anxiety. 

The concerned authorities of the university, however, have rejected the allegations of several videos of the female students being leaked and shared on social media. DU Beat tried contacting the concerned authority who is in charge of resolving hostel queries. However, the authorities were unresponsive. 

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Featured Image: Students of Chandigarh University


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