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HR Summit 5.0 by The Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management

On 3rd September 2022, The Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management organised the HR (Human Resource) Summit 2022 on the theme- ‘HR: The Catalyst to IPOs’, at Radisson Hotel, Gurugram.

The event started with an opening note by Dr Vandana Sonwaney. She is a founding member of the Symbiosis Institute of Operations Management. She expanded IPO as Inclusivity, Productivity, and Organisational Success. She further elaborated that SIOM has been involved in a ‘B to B’ education, where the students are provided with niche knowledge that can be used to contribute directly to the industry. 

After Dr. Vandana’s opening speech, Mr Jaspreet Bakshi took over the stage. He is a Partner and India HR leader at Marsh McLennan and was one of the keynote speakers at the summit. In the beginning, he started working with the Indian Armed Forces and now, according to him, is working with a diverse institute. He elaborated on the phrase “structure liberates.” He explained how one needs a clear set of instructions when they are young, but a framework is not always needed. Further, Mr. Bakshi asserted that what is needed is not a network of people but a network of like-minded people, a network of community. While talking about networks, he elucidated the concept of hierarchies.

The second keynote speaker at the event was Ms. Sarita Das, the co-founder and Chief Human Resource Officer of SS Supply Chain (3SC) Solutions. She was a pioneer, who introduced work from home in her organization in 2012. She went on to talk about the need to upscale resources and about her views on digitalization, saying that while it has greatly revolutionized the field, it has also resulted in job cuts. However, she is of the opinion that even though quite a few roles are now entirely automated, “the power of decision-making still lies with humans.”

“No matter what technology, which software you bring, I think, at the end of the day, it is the people who are going to thrive.”

Sarita Das, Co-Founder & CHRO, 3SC

The keynote speeches were followed by a discussion on Sheroes: The Dawn of Women in Leadership roles. The panel consisted of Ms. Nupur Jha, an alumna of the first batch of SIOM, Ms Sandhya Goppalakrishnan, Associate Director-HR at Cognizant; and Mr. Sahil Nayar, Campus and TA (Talent Acquisition) Transformation at KPMG India. 

The three panellists discussed various topics ranging from societal expectations of working women to reservations for women in the workplace.

“Many of us, as custodians of culture in the HR space, get so wrong that we make policies for 20% of the people and that disturbs the remaining 80%.”

Sahil Nayar while answering a question from the delegates

On how various (often over-zealous) organizational measures like maternity policies are helpful to women, Ms. Goppalakrishnan explained that there is a lack of understanding that maternity is biological. She further added that welcoming women back after maternity leave should not be hyped up, it should be organic.

Ms. Nupur Jha shared a humorous anecdote about how quite often she has been addressed in emails as “Mr. Jha” and how change is something that needs to begin with the way we communicate.

Next, a workshop was conducted by Mr.Kamal Kohli. He is the founder of OSR Talent Solutions, which works to understand the talent requirements to be met. He is an ex-CHRO (Chief Human Resource Officer)  of DHL, Snapdeal, Flipkart, and Moserbaer. At the workshop, he explained the change in the dynamics of talent in the post-COVID period. In the post-pandemic period, employee engagement and employee benefits are on the rise. According to him, earlier, the motivation for work used to be one’s income, but now the major driving force is flexible working hours, work-from-home opportunities, and many more. Hence, he elucidated what the companies are doing to adjust to these changes.

With new learnings from the industry leaders, the HR Summit 5.0 ended with waves of excitement and curiosity amongst the delegates with hopes of change.

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