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Hindu College Introduces a New Course on Perfumery under NEP

With the introduction of the NEP, Hindu College offers a specialised course on Perfumery for students who want a career in the global industry. Read on to find more. 

In an International Seminar on Fragrances and Flavours organised by the Departments of Chemistry and Botany, Hindu College of University of Delhi (DU) has introduced a new course which will help in developing a specialised skill set for those students who wish to make a career in perfumery worldwide under the New Education Policy (NEP)

According to Principal Prof. Anju Srivastava of Hindu College, the curriculum entitled “Fragrances and Flavours: An Industry’s Perspective” was introduced in NEP in a significant way. On this occasion, the Principal of Hindu College, Prof. Anju Srivastava stated “Hindu College is introducing many new certificate courses, short-term courses, and add-on courses, in different fields. We are also introducing a new curriculum titled ‘Fragrances, Flavours and their Industrial Applications in the New Education Policy.‘” 

Michael Carlos discussed a number of issues, such as the COVID-19 epidemic, that have contributed to the evolution of the scent industry throughout the conference. He also discussed how the flavour and fragrance industries would be impacted by climate change in the next few years, prompting a move toward green chemistry.  “One of the best perfumers I’ve worked with was Indian. Indian perfumers have the potential to rise to a global level and I hope they do“, he stated.

Martina Bianchini discussed the different chemistry courses the college offers on subjects like toxicology, green chemistry, etc. and how these will serve as the foundational subjects of knowledge in the future. 

 All these courses are extremely important and useful in our industry. Green chemistry, for instance, is absolutely vital for pharma, chemical and other scientific industries.

Martina Bianchini

With the already existing courses being saturated every year at various colleges, the step by Hindu College to have a new course to enroll more students is a commendable step. Industry and production oriented studies which would help students secure jobs are the need of the hour in the global market.

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