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Colleges Deny No Objection Certificates to Students Seeking Migration

Students of DU are struggling to get NOCs from their college for migration. Many also allege that their administration has been disrespectful and uncooperative during the process. 

On 7 September, 2022, the Kalindi College, University of Delhi, declined to issue a No Objection Certificate (NOC) to its students who wished to migrate to other colleges. This came after the students had secured NOCs from the colleges they wished to migrate to and provided genuine reasons for why they wished to do so. Sources informed us that the decision to not provide NOCs was predetermined and the college would thus not consider any of the requests, regardless of the justification.

DU Beat learned about one Kalindi College student’s experience with the college’s seemingly hostile administration. The student claimed that after failing to secure an appointment with the principal the previous day, she, along with her mother, visited the college on 7 September 2022. They reached the college at around 9:30 AM and since then they were misguided by the Principal’s personal assistant about her arrival. Further, the PA informed them that the college had decided not to give the student a NOC. The other students waiting for the Principal faced the same response. When they finally met her after a four hour wait, the principal simply stated that the college did not have a policy for migration. When the student questioned why this was not mentioned on its website, the principal asked the student “not to argue with her” and claimed that the decision to allow migration was the college’s “marzi” (wish).

The student also accused the principal of taunting her about how her mother was not doing a good job as a single mother.

I have never felt so humiliated and disrespected in my entire life.

The aforementioned Gargi College student, regarding the treatment she and her mother faced at the college

Another student wishing to migrate due to health issues submitted documents corroborating the same to the Principal. However, as the documents were not from a government hospital, the principal did not issue the NOC. 

Both the students, along with their parents and other students, spent their entire day in the college and told DU Beat they were emotionally exhausted by it. DU Beat’s attempts to contact the administration via phone were unsuccessful, as we were led to contact various people who each avoided answering our questions.

At Rajdhani College, a student from Manipur was denied a NOC. The principal refused to issue the NOC on the justification that the college had not given a NOC in the last 2-3 years due to a High Court case that happened years ago. Further, the student claimed that the principal said that “their hands are tied.”  The student interpreted this to mean that the decision to not allow migration had already been taken at a higher level.

Even if I don’t get selected for the other college, I want to have the option to try and improve my future.

The student of Rajdhani College

At Shyam Lal College, DU, similar events have been uncovered. When a student explained the problem of dropping attendance due to the huge distance between the student’s home and college and the time required to travel back and forth between them, the teacher in charge of the department simply asked the student to get a PG. As this was not an option for them, the student was left stranded.

Nobody from my department has been willing to actually give me a fair chance to make my case and the principal’s office has been unresponsive to anything I have to say.

The student of Shyam Lal College

Although the last date for inter-college migration for academic session 2022-2023 was extended till 7 September 2022, several colleges’ hostile approach to the process has led to students being shut out of the opportunity to migrate.

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