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Breezy Fashion Pieces for Your Not-So-Breezy Second Year

The running joke of college kids giving up on fashion as soon as they enter their second year is getting old. While our motivation to study may have run out, our motivation to style ourselves doesn’t have to. Read on for some pajama-chic ideas!

Yours truly almost never wears clothes her size, and always sizes up, so I can confidently say there is no one who understands the value of comfort in fashion better. Clothes are meant to be freeing, not to form a cage that restricts your movement. Tight-fitting clothing can look amazing and feel amazing for a lot of people, but if you’re someone who’s all about that easy breezy fashion style, look no further!

(P.S.: You will have to look further in the sense that you will have to scroll down to actually discover the fashion pieces, but that’s just a technicality!)

The elegant maxi skirt

Image Credits: Pinterest

The signature uniform of Emma Chamberlain went viral on social media, and for good reason too. The outfit is simple, yet can be amped up if you’d like. Pair any basic t-shirt or tank top with a fancier maxi skirt, some scrunched up socks and shoes or loafers. Wearing a long skirt is like wearing the classier version of sweatpants. You can opt for a printed tee and a plain skirt or vice versa to jazz things up. Throw on a shoulder bag and you’re all set!

The semi-formal wide-leg pants 

Image Credits: Pinterest

Ditch your jeans for once, and opt for some breathable wide-leg trousers. These look amazing in neutral colours like off-white, brown, grey and caramel. For a “clean girl” look, pair with a ribbed tank top, add on a long, white shirt, some gold or silver minimalist jewellery (some good pieces can be found in a few small GK-1 shops, but be sure to bargain as the prices here tend to sky high) and a shoulder bag.

The desi cool-girl spaghetti top

Image Credits: FabIndia

The happy compromise between basic tank tops and expensive Fabindia clothes are the affordable spaghetti tops with Indian prints. As they are sleeveless and mostly made out of cotton, easy to navigate your stressful everyday college life in, and the print adds that extra desi flair to your outfit. You can pair it with cotton pants or a flowing maxi skirt. If you are not comfortable with wearing strappy tops, add on a plain long-sleeved t-shirt as a shrug or layer it beneath the top for a super chic look. Janpath market has quite the collection of these at the moment, some even come with built-in padding if that is your preference. Add on some silver junk jewellery, a pair of Kolhapuri juttis and a rustic handbag to complete the look.

The ever-green kurta

Image Credits: Jaypore

Kurtas and college life have been synonymous since the time our grandparents went to college. The trend lives on, but it doesn’t have to be stagnant. There is so much to experiment with in kurtas, here are a few options to try:

  1. Pair a printed kurta with a ghagra- styled skirt with a lot of flare. Add on a thick statement belt if you’re feeling bold.
  2. Wear a kurta as a dress. If you own one of those kurtas which do not have slits or have very small slits, they can easily be worn as dresses. Anarkalis also work great as dress.
  3. Transform short-kurtas by tucking them into your jeans to create your own desi tops.
  4. The classic jeans and kurta combination never gets old. Pairing a good pair of denim shorts with a short kurta is an easy yet elevated look.

The versatile button-down shirt

Image Credits: Le Chic Street

A button-down shirt is the “aloo” of clothes: it goes with everything! A white button-down is a must have, but getting them in other colours such as black or even some funky ones like pink and orange is a great option to add some personality and structure to your outfits. They can be styled on their own with a pair of wide-leg trousers, with biker shorts and a tank top for a Kendall Jenner-esque look; perfect for a trip to the grocery store, and as a cover-up when you don’t want to show too much skin. They also work great to shield yourself in super-chilly metros and add definition to your dresses when tied around the waist.

The bright, beachy shirt

Image Credits: SimpleCoolGirl

Floral and leaf patterned short-sleeved shirts are super on-trend at the moment. They are loose enough to allow significant ventilation while the prints are eye-catching. Style with simple chains and rings, a pair of joggers, jeans or shorts, and a tote-bag big enough to fit your ego when you first got into DU but far too small to actually hold everything you need for college.

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Featured Image Credits: Pinterest

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