Bazinga: DU is Shifting to a Trimester System from 2023

In a notice issued by the UGC and DU VC on Saturday, September 17th, it has been announced that DU is shifting to a trimester system from 2023. Both UG and PG courses, specifically the batches of 2024 and 2025,  fall under the realm of this decision and its proposed pilot program.

A recent joint notice-cum-announcement by the Vice-Chancellor (VC) of the University of Delhi (DU) and the University Grants Commission (UGC) on Saturday, September 17th, 2022, has taken the entirety of DU by a vexatious surprise. The notice stated the new proposed plan of action for the University which includes shifting the Undergraduate and Post-Graduate academics system of Delhi University from a two-semester system to a trimester system from 2023. Addressing the announcement, DU VC  said in a press conference, “the long-awaited decision comes in light as a result of the recently released NIRF rankings and the relatively sub-par performance of Delhi University in it.” He also stated that the primary reason for the adoption of this new system is “to enhance the quality of education at the University and establish a firmer, more competitive ground amongst other public and private universities in India and the world.” 

While the absolute intricacies of this momentous decision are still to be determined, the notice entails the general paraphernalia for executing this new modality. It states that the new system will come into effect from the fresh academic session of 2023, and shall apply to both the Undergraduate and Postgraduate courses. The third and fourth-year students of the in-session batch of 2023 are exempted from this new development owing to the fact that almost half the academic session has already passed. However, the University plans to run a pilot program for the batches of 2024 and 2025 in the new academic session. The pilot program shall consist of modifications, revisions, and additions to the syllabus, session plans, timetables, and a change in the format for the mid-semester college and end-semester university examinations. 

It’s anyway difficult to cope up with the massive syllabus in such already shortened semesters, and now with this new development, I can’t even imagine how hectic it is going to get.” 

A second-year Political Science student at Lady Shri Ram College for Women.

The already anxiety-ridden students of Delhi University have divided the internet into two camps, following the announcement of this shift to a trimester system. There are stances being made in support of it, and criticisms and contritions being expelled against it. Adjectives like “perspicacious” and “farrago” are both on the table. 

I think being dipped to the 13th spot in the NIRF rankings has finally gotten to DU, but is this how it plans to redeem itself?” 

Another DU student, in conversation with DU Beat.

Opinions and judgments have also surfaced amongst the professors with the Delhi Teacher’s Association (DTA) expressing expectations and hopes from the new plan to “increase the recruitment of ad-hoc and associate professors at colleges to meet the soon-to-be magnified demand this plan is going to create.” This expectation serves as a reiteration of the immense shortage and vacancy of academic professors at the University. 

With the hopes, aspirations, and the carping of this unexpected yet promising new move by the UGC and DU, several questions still remain unanswered about its cataloged execution, and more so, its relevance in enhancing the quality of education at the University or even its competence.

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