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Theatre Society of BRAC Asked to Change Urdu Name

Theatre societies in Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College with Urdu names have been asked to change them to Hindi or English names. The College will supposedly withdraw all funding to societies that do not comply.

University of Delhi’s Dr. B.R. Ambedkar College is in the news for an allegation by a few students against the principal, R.N. Dubey. The students of the theatre society reported that they had been asked to change its name from ‘Ilhaam’, an Urdu word meaning revelation or inspiration. As per The Print, the allegation has been denied by the Principal. 

We got to know from our juniors that the President and Vice President were informed that the name was unprofessional and that they should change it to either Hindi or English.

Ali Fraz Rezvi, alumnus and one of the founding members of the theatre society spoke to DU Beat.

The authorities asked the members of the society to change the name, otherwise, the college would not recognize the society, freeze all funding and hold attendance to the members. These would be the consequences of not complying with the college.

In the beginning, the society was not willing to give into the demands. But when the word about the freezing of funds and attendance came, since most members are first years, they got scared about the attendance factor and gave in to the college’s demands.

A current member of the society said in a conversation with DU Beat.

Even the President and Vice President of the society wanted to avoid a clash with the institution. 

What’s the point now, of being a theatre society and theatre artists that spread awareness about issues like gender equality, caste, religion, and fighting against suppression? We are unable to take a stand when this is happening to us…” The Principal spoke to The Print, denying the allegation that he called for a freeze of funds to the society, “none of our societies have names like that. None of them have specific names…so there is no question of me trying to change the name or impose something on the students.”

They further added.

The name of the theatre society has now been changed to Aarambh, a Hindi word meaning beginning. “I guess it’s the ‘beginning’ of the end of freedom of speech”, said the member.

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