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Students of Third Year still Without their Student ID Cards

As the exams of undergraduate courses of the first year have begun and another batch has entered their third year of college, some colleges have still not issued student ID cards to both batches. Read more below about administrative negligence.

Delhi University’s semester examination has started but some colleges are yet to provide Student ID Cards. Even the third years remain without an ID card. This issue has been observed in Gargi College where the first-year students were given their ID cards just before the examinations while the third-year students are yet to get theirs. 

The Students’ Council issued a message which stated that due to “administrative and logistical issues” there has been a delay in issuing the ID cards and the batch of 2023 will get their ID cards after 15 August 2022. 

The ID Cards are in the process of making right now. ID cards for almost all the first-year students have been released and the ones left will receive theirs by end of August. Similarly, most of the third-year students will also receive their ID cards by end of August. Due to extensive backlog, the process is a bit slow but the Student Council has taken all the necessary steps to speed up the process and is constantly keeping a tab on the updates regarding the same.” 

Aditi Singh, President of Student Council, Gargi College.

Some students were even asked to give their details again for the issuance of ID cards and it became problematic for students who live far from college as they had to commute for hours to reach college due to administrative negligence.

I’ve submitted my ID card form for like 3 months when college started physically. After that, when I went to collect mine, they just said that they don’t have my form only and I had to submit the form again yesterday.”

Parnavi, a First year student of Gargi College

This problem becomes imperative to address as a student ID card ensures the credentials of a student and becomes proof of their belonging to a particular institution. At a lot of spaces, students are liable to get a discount on the condition that they have to show their ID cards. This helps the students to shop or get various services at a comparatively lower price from airports to heritage walks.

It’s been 2 years since we started college. It’s unprofessional that we haven’t received our ID cards yet. We have to go through the same hassle of searching for our acknowledgement slips to let them know that we are a part of the institution. Not to mention not being able to issue books, it’s severely limiting and frankly unfair.”

Divya*, a student of Gargi College

Even for issuing books from the library, student ID cards become pertinent to produce and the inability to do so surmounts to getting no books due to which the study and reading material becomes inaccessible, rendering the purpose of library dormant.

Access to valid and credible ID cards ensures way more than just student discounts; it guarantees that the college campus is absolutely safe. After the 2020 incident in Gargi College, safety should have been made paramount but it is undoubtedly sad that despite it being 7 months since classes shifted offline, ID cards still haven’t been distributed. Moreover, even trivial things like issuing books from the library are impossible without identity proof.”

A student under the pretext of anonymity

Thus, negating all these aspects and non-diligently extending dates for the issuance of ID cards adds to the problems faced by the students.

The first and foremost problem that I suffered was not being able to avail the student discount on airfare. Also, it becomes a hassle to find documents on my phone every morning because I do not have an ID card. The administration has not paid attention to our constant requests and it rather keeps on delaying the dates to provide us the ID cards.”

During NAAC, when the administration prioritizes renovating buildings and attempts to present the best of their colleges, the main priority – student issues still lurk in the dark craving attention. Especially for the fact that there is no proportional equivalent to ID card to avail benefits, like student discounts and primary rights like issuing books.

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