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DU Student asked to “Stop Education”

A DU student from a renowned college has been asked to suspend education by her family due to harassment by her ‘jilted lover’. Read ahead to find out more.

In another turn of events at the University of Delhi (DU), a student has been asked to “stop education” by her family. Reportedly, the 19-year-old Dalit student has been subjected to harassment by her jilted lover. The student is a resident of Paschim Vihar, Delhi, where she lives with her parents. As reported by IANS, Abhishek Rathore, the accused, has allegedly posted about the student on various social media platforms continuously. 

A complaint was filed by the student with the National Scheduled Caste Commission, Delhi Police Commissioner’s office, and Delhi Commission for Women but as the family alleges, no action has been taken yet in the matter. Initially, the family reached out to the Paschim Vihar Police Station but seeing no action by the police, the family approached the CP (Connaught Place) Police Station.

A Dalit girl is being harassed in the national capital and we are helpless. No authority is helping us. The accused is boasting that the police won’t take action against him and is continuously defaming my daughter.

-Stated by the Victim’s Father

Further, the student has claimed that the accused was a friend of hers but upon discovering his darker side, she decided to call it off. However, after this, the accused reportedly uploaded the student’s pictures on various social media platforms and made them viral. Due to this, the student was reportedly mentally traumatized.  

Even after reaching out to the police, the family has asserted that no FIR has been lodged. The accused was constantly using the student’s name and defamed her. Unable to bear this any further, the family asked the student to quit her education. In the meantime, the Deputy Commissioner of Police, Outer Delhi, Sameer Sharma, has assured that the case will be lodged under proper IPC (Indian Penal Code) sections. 

In conversation with a student of DU, stated that hearing cases of this magnitude makes them wonder if their security is compromised, even under the presence of such a list of institutions. In their words, if the mechanism of justice is also not strengthened then is there any space where they can truly feel space?

It is scary to think about what would happen if any of my actions, which is for my own good, offends someone and I land up in a situation which has the potential to scar my entire life.

Student, DU.

While questioning the justice system, they also highlighted the lack of a sense of security in premier institutions like Delhi University. They claimed that even if one is from a highly renowned institution, the situation of security continues to deteriorate. 

No matter where I come from or where I study, the environment of educational institutions remains the same. There is no system of security that would assure me a good night’s sleep.

Student, DU.

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