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Auburn: Outfits to Keep you Cool for the Summer

Summers at DU are a sticky, humid mess. With the temperatures soaring, here are a few
fashion tips to stay immune to the heat while generating some of your own. ;)

Between hot overcrowded e-rickshaw rides to the metro and sitting in classes with no air-
conditioning, rare are the ones who can brave the heat without breaking a sweat. Here are a
few things to keep in mind when you’re dressing for the summer.

1) Fabric Choices- The correct fabric choice can go a long way toward making you feel
comfortable throughout your day. Light, breezy fabrics like Cotton, Linen and Chiffon
are an absolute win. Try to stay away from synthetic clothing as much as possible-
during summers, they’re nothing but reservoirs of sweat and ickiness.

2) Breathable Clothing- Heavy types of Denim and tight, form-fitting clothing are the two
big no-no’s when it comes to maximizing comfort during the heat. Go for clothing that
is loose and comfortable. Think big button-up shirts and boxy tops and kurtas. Try to
opt for sleeveless clothing if you can. Skirts and loose, wide-fitting pants too do the
trick. If you do opt for jeans, go for light, stretchy ones instead of donning heavy-duty
denim fabric. The thinner the fabric, the better the breathability.

3) Colours- Go for light colours that remain immune to the sun and do not absorb heat.
Typically, darker colours like black absorb and trap more heat from the sun in
comparison to brighter colours. This is why most clothing companies push brighter
colours in their collections around spring. Not only are they functional, fun, and bright
pops of colour but also serve as an instant mood-lifter.

4) Avoid Layering- Layering fabrics will reduce the breathability of your ensemble. Try to
stick to as less layers as possible. Summer dresses, for example, are perfect
because they require minimum styling effort and are super comfortable, too!

5) Modest Options- However, if you’re uncomfortable with showing skin- big boxy shirts
can be a great option to stay cool. Layering a button-up shirt on top of a camisole top
is an example of layering popular among students everywhere. If you’re feeling
adventurous, you could wear a camisole top over your button-up shirt- a trend
popular across Instagram influencers. If you’re uncomfortable with shorts, Midi and
Maxi skirts are your best bet. They’re just as comfortable as shorts, if not more. A
pair of breezy palazzos under your cotton kurta can help keep you cool, too!

6) Befriend Sandals- Socks and sweaty feet for the summer are a big no-no. Opt for
footwear that exposes your feet to as much air as possible.

Comfort is of the utmost importance across all seasons, but even more so during summers.
Stay hydrated, don’t forget to wear sunscreen, and invest in fabric mosquito repellents if you

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Featured Image Credits- We Fashion Trends on Pinterest

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