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“Straight Pride” Collective goes International

A group of six anonymous students from Hindu College started an unofficial society named the Straight Pride Collective. The page that has surfaced on Instagram, is constantly making use of homophobic and right-wing inclined hate speeches which include false claims and misinformation. Read to find out more about it.

TW: Queerphobia, Homophobia, Transphobia, Bigotry, Violence, Abuse

With the changing times, a tone set in to bring about a modification in the place we all call home, as more welcoming hands have been stretched to those who have been neglected by the perils of history. The LGBTQIA+ community has often found itself under the sheets of neglect and bound in unwarranted, unwelcomed chains of threats that have brought about a great deal of distress to this part of our society. The growing concerns, the space to feel lost and aloof, and the lack of recognition and acknowledgment had made it quintessential to start a “collective”.
In educational spaces, the unavailability of safe and secure environments for students resonating with this community harnessed the notion to start a collective, a place where they can feel safe to be themselves. While a notion of change and progress has been set in by such initiatives in mainstream society, there is a group of people who are creating “hindrance” to this growth.

Not long ago, a social media page was created by the name of “hcstraightpride”, which stands for Hindu College Straight Pride, on Instagram. The page now goes by the name of International Straight Pride Collective. Since its inception, the account has been heavily indulged in homophobic, right-wing oriented hate speech. One of the captions of their posts read “when the society loses its way, men like us have to stand up and fix it. We are men of violence, men of honour, and that of respect. We won’t stop until we take back what was snatched from us.” The noticeable thing about this is that the entire account talks about a perspective that believes in the “sin of homosexuality” and how are straight men oppressed of their freedom of speech. Additionally, it is embracing the ideologies aligned with the right-wing and scrutinising what is believed to be a part of the “radical left” ideology, according to this page.

In conversation, Lovansh, a student of Hindu College, told DU Beat about the need to create a safe space for the community. He stated that the Hindu College Queer Collective aims at creating such a safe space and asserted that the existence of the same is a protest against the status quo. He claims that what makes the college susceptible to such attacks is the fact that queer culture in specific and student culture in general at Hindu attempts of speaking to power and therefore such an attack is an attack on the culture of Hindu College itself.

This then should concern not just the queers and allies but the entirety of Hindu College and people who wish to preserve this culture. I hope people come ahead in solidarity for this long standing protest of creating a safe space which we rightfully deserve and shall fight for.”

-Lovansh Katiyar, student, Hindu College

Furthermore, a stunt was pulled off by the page to gain attention. The page made claims to have been invited by TedxHindu College to deliver a speech. To add to these false claims, they posted a statement of solidarity from the department of Sociology of Hindu College. However, both the platform and the department took to their Instagram to issue statements rejecting the claims made by the page in question.

The page went on to post what they termed a “big reveal”. They asserted to have made false claims in order to gain the attention for their movement which according to them worked. They set a trap for these platforms and they walked straight into it, as the page claims.

Besides this, the page in question posted an article on homosexuality and autism. They affirmed that homosexuality and autism are correlated as, according to them, the IQ levels of both autistic people and homosexuals lie in the same range. As the page believes, autism is an inability to perform basic tasks, communicate properly, and make use of logical reasoning, which is supported by the claim of low IQ, and they have tuned in homosexuals along with the subject by stating their attraction to glittery objects and their low IQ. In the comments section, people are calling out the actions of the page by disagreeing with such accusations and calling them “ableist” and “homophobic”.

Meanwhile, as we celebrated the spirit of Eid al-Fitr, which marks the end of the month of Ramadan, the page decided to change its username to “international_straightpride”. They took the step to go international in light of the support and reach they garnered from the page, adding to this day of festivities, or rather suppressing the spirit by believing that homosexuality is a sin. According to them, one would be invalidating their duas made during Ramadan if they continued to support “people of lut” or homosexuals.

According to the page, one would be invalidating their duas made during Ramadan if they continued to support “people of lut” or homosexuals.

Additionally, it made claims that the religious text, Manusmriti, does not sustain the notions of misogyny and has been misinterpreted by ‘Tankies’, ‘socialists’, and ‘liberals’.

The page made claims that the religious text, Manusmriti, does not sustain the notions of misogyny and has been misinterpreted by ‘Tankies’, ‘socialists’, and ‘liberals’.

In conversation with the president of the Students’ Federation of India Hindu College, Aditi, told DU Beat about their stand on this subject. According to her, SFI condemns any sort of queerphobic tendencies in or out of the College campus. In her words, she reflected their unconditional support to the Hindu College Queer Collective.

It is imperative we note that the views shared by this dreadful page are the views of Right Wing’s regressive and reactionary ideology which has always raked up such issues to set their agenda of disturbing the atmosphere in academic institutions.
SFI shares deep rage and contempt towards those involved in these anti-student and anti-social activities.”

-Aditi, President, SFI Hindu

Following this, new updates on the page include a reel that talks about “perverts who claim to be bi (to) use this space (gender-neutral bathrooms, locker rooms, and other private spaces) to stare at men and women both”, a claim that is as false as it is disgusting.

The page also published an “exclusive” interview where the interviewee talks about the “regrets of a transgender”. According to this interview, the interviewee said, “I wish I had never been brainwashed by the left into having a sex change surgery”, another instance of dragging the leftist view in this discussion.

The latest post on the page is one claiming to put forward four truths about homosexuality, wherein these apparent “truths” are nothing but homophobic beliefs being reflected using claims which lie far away from the dimensions of truth.

With various students pouring in their disbelief and astonishment at the collective’s posts in the comments sections of the page, students continue to condemn the actions of the collective.

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