SFI Delhi President Faces Court Case Regarding ‘Reopen DU’ Movement

SFI Delhi State President Sumit Kataria was summoned to court on the 3rd of March for his uncompromised role in the ‘Re-open DU Movement’. The next hearing for the same will take place on the 27th of April. Read on to find out more.

On the 7th of February, a case was filed against SFI Delhi State President Sumit Kataria regarding his role in the ‘Re-open DU’ movement. SFI had started protesting for the ‘Reopen DU ‘movement from the 7th of February. However, apparently the police gave Sumit and other protesters the impression that the case had been filed for the ‘Reopen DU Movement’ of 2022, when in fact, it had been filed for the Reopen DU Movement of 2021 when SFI had protested from Vijaynagar to the Arts Faculty, DU, all the while protesting in solidarity with the Farmer’s Protest.

We asked them why are you misinforming us that this case has been filed? A case had been filed on me on that day, but that was regarding a different issue,”

said Sumit.

The charges placed were Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code and sections of the amended Epidemic Act. The court informed Sumit that if he pleads guilty he would not be arrested and no other action would be taken against him. Sumit does not plan on pleading guilty and intends to fight the case with the help of his lawyer.

We told them (the court) that it is our right to protest. Why is the police unnecessarily lodging section 144 against student activists and teachers?”

said Sumit in conversation with DU Beat.

The next hearing for the case will take place on the 27th of May.

Sumit informed DU Beat that several other cases have been filed against him and they all revolve around his right to protest. While talking about the police’s treatment of him during the protests, he mentioned how he was in court on the 7th of May for a case last year when the police had suddenly changed its mind regarding giving permission for a conference and a protest. On 25th October 2021, SFI had organised its state conference and a rally for the rejection of the NEP along with the ‘Reopen DU Movement’. For the same, they had been requesting the police for permission from around 15 days prior. The police had given them a heads up and signed the necessary documents. However on the 25th, a case was lodged against Sumit and the SHO of Police informed him of the same at the Arts Faculty where the protest was being held.

Sumit also talked about the current government’s role in influencing how the police acts with protesters.

The present government doesn’t want to hear voices of dissent and they don’t want to listen to any opposition, be it from student activists, teachers, etc. They just want to impose their policies and they don’t want to get any suggestions from different stakeholders,”

he said.

The President of SFI Delhi’s message to all others is that they should continue to express their right to protest as it is their constitutional right.

We should study and struggle, that is the motto of SFI. We are carrying the legacy of our martyrs.”

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Devanshi Panda

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