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Queerphobic “Straight Pride” Collective Emerges in Hindu College

A straight pride collective made by six, as yet anonymous, students from Hindu College has recently surfaced on Instagram. Since it’s inception, the page has made several homophobic statements alongside indulging defamation and spreading fake news. Read on to find out more. 

TW: Queerphobia, Homophobia, Transphobia, Bigotry, Violence, Abuse

Straight pride. The term itself seems to be an oxymoron. For years, the LGBTQIA+ community has suffered oppression in a society that only seems to facilitate the existence of upper class, upper caste, cis-gendered, white-skinned people. Most people fail to realise that pride, despite all its many colours and camp aesthetics, is grounded in a reality of resistance against cultural hegemonies. It is a celebration alright but it is also a reminder of the history of oppression that gender and sexual minorities have been subjected to in our world for centuries. Still, an alarming amount of heterosexual individuals insisting on having their own ‘pride’ parades – something that recalls the emergence of a country-wide collective around last year. 

Recently, a page named ‘hcstraightpride’, standing for Hindu College Straight Pride Collective, popped up on Instagram. “A fight against the wave of extreme leftism and growth of the sinners in our college”, reads their Instagram Bio. Since it began, the account has indulged in hate speech laced with homophobia and a right-wing agenda. “The Hindu College Straight Pride Collective is an un-offical society of the college for those who share similar views on the sin of homosexuality. Furthermore, we are here to fight for your freedom of speech, which has been under scrutiny since the radical left has taken over college,” read one of their first posts.

The first post made by the collective

The page, apparently run by a small team of 6 members, then posted a poster of TedX Hindu seemingly inviting them to “deliver a speech on the correlation of authoritarianism and the LGBTQ+ community”. They claimed that after much talks, the president of TedX Hindu agreed to let them use their platform to spread their ideology. The tedx.hinducollege’s official page vehemently opposed their involvement with the straight pride collective on their story, saying it was fake, and put out a post expressing their solidarity with Hindu College’s Queer Collective, which had been repeatedly targeted in the straight pride collective’s posts.

 This Instagram account (of hcstraightpride) speaks volumes of the homophobic and transphobic attitudes that run rampant within Hindu College. This incident proves that it is absolutely imperative the Hindu Queer Collective be granted formal recognition by the college in order to dissuade similar acts of queerphobic violence in the future. said the President of the Queer Collective of Hindu College.

the President of the Queer Collective of Hindu College.

I question the veracity of all that they are doing, from forging screenshots to statements, one needs to look at things critically. One needs to also analyse how they are coming from a place of hate, misogyny and constant body shaming. At that point, there is barely any kernel of truth in such assertions as the intentions are explicit

Another member of the Hindu queer collective, Lovansh, spoke up about the recent happenings.

The straight pride collective also indulged in putting up derogatory memes and fascist and Nazi memes on their Instagram stories.The collective has claimed that they will soon expose the Hindu Queer Collective.  DU Beat got in touch with the ex-president of Hindu’s queer collective, Sue, to get their opinion on the same. “Do they realise there could be legal repercussions of this? Outing an individual of our queer collective could be booked under violation of their right to privacy,” they said.

They called the whole thing a mockery on the new UGC guidelines for ragging which include pointers based on gender and sexual orientation. Sue also mentioned how a similar incident of forging screenshots had taken place in the past when the Economics department released an opinion post for their magazine titled “How the inclusion of trans women pit cis women in a disadvantaged position”. “We suspect these guys to be one of them (the straight pride collective)”, they said. In response to the allegation of the straight pride collective that sexual favours had been traded for posts within the HCQC (Hindu College Queer Collective) Sue said, “Our posts are assigned through a process of election so this has no factual basis to be claimed true.”  Talking about the existing queer culture in Hindu, ex-president of the HCQC said, “ It’s absolutely vibrant in here, their desperation to dim our light can be seen by how threatened they are with the queer visibility in Hindu.” 

As a queer person, this page made me realise all over again how unsafe I am even in this so called ‘educated, intellectual DU circuit’. It is extremely triggering and threatens my very existence. I hope some form of action is taken against these people

Titas Goswami, the ex-Vice President of the Miranda House Queer Collective, University of Delhi

This is basically a diabolical effort to silence and co-opt queer practices like pride into the fold of cis-heteronormativity and silence any freedom

a queer rights activist, Mihir Seth, from Presidency College, Kolkata

To add to the pot of ruckus created by the straight pride collective, they put out a  statement of solidarity from the Sociology department of Hindu College on their Instagram page. This, again, was forged and the Sociology department took to its Instagram page to publish a statement against hate stating that this anonymous group had wrongly used the name of the department with malicious and criminal intent.

The forged solidarity statement from the Department of Sociology

 At this point, the group of the straight pride collective seems to be simply claiming ties with other prestigious societies  and departments  of the college in order to increase its popularity and garner more attention. The collective went as far as admitting the same, saying it did what it did for attention for their right wing movement ‘for the betterment of society’. As of latest updates, the collective has archived some of its posts stating the reason that “college societies are leeching off our movement to increase their engagement.” The number of followers has risen to 64 at the moment, which is not a small number of people actively supporting the straight pride collective’s conservative agenda. In a college as prestigious as Hindu, informally nicknamed as a sexual minority haven, it is a shame to have to encounter such disruptive ideologies at play. 

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