Bazinga: DU Extends Semester for Final Year Students

The semester extension move comes in response to complaints from both teachers and students that the batch of 2022’s college education has been left incomplete.

On the evening of 26th April 2020, the University of Delhi released a notice announcing that current i.e. last semester for all undergraduate final year students will be extended by two months. The semester was set to end on 28th April, but will now be extended to 28th June, following which the final exams will be held. 

During the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown, we were left with no choice but to move everything online and restrict the students in many ways, with regards to academics, extracurricular activities and more. This extension offers us a chance to make up for this great loss, at least to some degree.

Delhi University Chief Proctor to DU Beat

According to the Vice-Chancellor, the move comes in response to complaints from both teachers and students that, academically and otherwise, final year students have not been able to fully complete their college education. Spending more than ? of it online, the batch of 2022 has given less offline exams than any other batch in the university’s history, with one set of examinations being cancelled entirely. 

During the additional two months granted to students, professors will have the opportunity to fully and thoroughly complete or revise their syllabus, take more rigorous or time-consuming internal examinations and, most importantly, test their students on material from the last several semesters when learning was assessed using only OBEs.

Many students are horrified by the new development, and argue that it is unnecessary and distressing to students who are already under the stress of exams, college admissions and job searches.

After all the shocks DU has given us in the last couple of years, from postponing exams at a week’s notice to giving us 10 days to pack up our lives and move across the country back to campus, I’m not at all surprised that they have decided to end our college life with such a terrible last-minute decision.

Diksha, a third-year English Honours student

Others pointed out the logistical difficulties that may arise due to such a move.

We all regret the fact that our college experience was cut short, but this is no way to make up for it. Most students have had several internal assessments and even the practicals for Science students have begun. There has been no information provided on what will be done with regard to these. Will these be cancelled entirely so all of our hard work goes to waste? And then there’s the fact that pushing back the end date will delay both students pursuing higher education and job-seekers; they may lose out on amazing opportunities just because of this abrupt move. The bit about testing students on previous semesters’ learning is also insane. We don’t remember anything from them, don’t have the textbooks for them; why should we be held responsible for DU’s failure to test us properly?

Akshat, a third-year Physics student

In response to these complaints, DU officials justified their move by claiming the extra time and more rigorous testing would grant academic legitimacy to a batch of students whose educational qualifications don’t otherwise hold as much value as those of older students. Less suspicion would be cast upon their scores and other achievements by admissions committees and recruiters, especially abroad. Additionally, they noted, students would have the time to properly bid adieu to their beloved campuses.

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