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Matching Couple Trends Through The Ages

From matching loungewear sets and pyjamas at Christmas to getting the same pair of sneakers- fashion trends for couples have evolved significantly through the ages. 

Beyond a public symbol of commitment, couples donning matching items like clothes and jewellery is a phenomenon balancing itself on a very thin line between cringeworthy and cute. Over time, it has evolved beyond garish t-shirts with printed words loudly announcing their relationship in a myriad of ‘creative’ ways into something more understated, elegant and subtle. While we’re not keeping lice off our partner’s head in a small glass vial around our necks anymore- here are some ways through which matching trends for couples have evolved throughout the ages.

Pictures of our Loved Ones

While wearing a picture of your significant other in a heart-shaped locket around your neck might be uncommon now, the trend has evolved into something more intimate. Keeping your significant other’s picture in your wallet is one trend that will always be evergreen. However, Gen-Z kids are now opting to keep a polaroid picture with their partner under a transparent phone cover, which makes for an easy yet meaningful way to jazz up your phone.

Matching Outfits

Victoria and David Beckham’s matching couple outfits changed the trajectory of Y2k couple fashion, with their outfits being exactly similar to each other. A staple trend in countries like South Korea and Japan, matching outfits are back- but they’re way more subtle this time. From couples like Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly to Kourtney and Travis Barker- instead of wearing the same fit- they wear different outfits with similar elements, colours and aesthetics to create synergy. An example would be how sneakerheads are twinning with their partners in a matching pair of Jordans, taking social media by storm.


No, it is never a good idea to get your significant other’s name tattooed on your body. However, many now opt for quotes and cute illustrations that make sense only when seen together. Perhaps one can thank the digital age we live in for introducing the concept of matching PFPs (Picture for Proof) on social media- something more commonly seen nowadays. Reddit forums and Instagram pages dedicated to sharing and creating matching PFPs are everywhere across social media, inspiring all. 

Matching Jewellery

No, we’re not talking about wedding bands. Simple engraved promise rings, magnetic lockets that click together, bracelets and charms- they too have evolved beyond engraved cheesy words and heart-shaped elements into individual pieces of jewellery that complete each other. An allegory for how their significant other ‘completes’ them or how “The whole is greater than the sum of parts”- a metaphor that can be worn. As spirituality gains social momentum- many are opting for matching rose quartz bracelets, too.

We’ve moved past garish ‘his and hers’ pairs for everything into symbols that are subtle, elegant and personal. No longer are matching couple trends cliche statement pieces- there are options available that are more personalised and meaningful, too. Inclusivity, too should be the norm- especially with the breakdown of our heteronormative society to welcome a world more accepting for all.

*This article was originally published in our Love Themed Issue – Volume 15| Issue 15. 
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