Bazinga: ABE to be Conducted for First Semester Students in March

Considering the hardships faced during the conduct of OBE, DU has decided to go with ABE for the upcoming exams in March for the batch of 2024.

On 3rd February 2022, the Academic Committee of the University of Delhi (DU) announced unofficially that Assessment-Based Examinations (ABE) will be conducted in March for the first-year students currently enrolled in the undergraduate programs of the varsity. An official notification will soon follow to verify the credibility of the same.

Assessment Book Examinations (ABEs) are a much more viable form of examination, which is effective in testing the students’ capabilities as well as the knowledge that they gain. It is the best option in the case of online classes being a pro-longed reality. The decision of the University has thus been appreciated and is being reviewed by the Academic committee setup.

The Open-Book Examination (OBE) system of examinations was not perceived well by many. Issues like transparency, authenticity and time constraints were being raised by the teachers of the university. To tackle the same, the idea of testing the students has been introduced. It is expected to help the teachers know and assess the students based on their grasping and understanding power. An official from the university stated the reason for the change.

Acknowledging how much the batch of 2024 has gone through, especially in the beginning of their college lives, OBEs might just have increased their pressure, so we are trying to introduce ABEs so that the pressure is relieved from their feather-like shoulders.

An Official from the University of Delhi  

One more important debate that this decision has sparked is that, whether this will continue for the next batches as well, considering that New Education Policy (NEP) is being implemented in the upcoming years as well. The University might just relax OBEs and offline exams, and ABEs might become a reality, for all the batches. This is something that hasn’t been confirmed officially but is being reported by the DU Beat sources.

ABEs are a real relief. In OBEs, we might have to take the pain of at least knowing that what topic is wherein the reading but in ABEs even that burden is lifted up, now just a proper internet connection, amazing googling skills and an amazing network of friends will help us score more and we as students will never have to take the pressure of learning something new.

A DU student told DU Beat under the condition of anonymity 

Students have welcomed this decision with open arms and are looking forward to more such decisions by the University.

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