Auburn Umbrella

Auburn Umbrella: Popularising Side Accessories

Accessorising as a concept has become essential and quite primary in all aspects of our life. Whether it is clothes, phones, or the smallest of things, side accessorising is essential and we’ll break it down for you.

The growing culture of adding elements to bring out your personality is totally in right now. This brings us to the question, WHY? Why is this being encouraged and appreciated? Well, the answer is pretty simple. Accessorising is beautiful because it is considered to depict your taste, preferences, and compliments the surroundings. This is not just restricted to clothes as punctuating anything around you can uplift your entire surrounding.

Recent trends that are emerging, are mostly in sync with Pinterest (of course) and monochrome themes. Let us have a look at some of them.

  1. Beady Phone Charms

These are dangly little charms that are attached to your phone’s back cover. A thread with a customised collection of beads makes a cute little charm. People use varieties of colours, beads, and styles to make this look aesthetic; simple yet cute. Small businesses on apps like Instagram sell the same and they range around ?100 to ?1000, depending on the elements you choose to put. It is quite Pinterest-y but it also reminds me of how as a toddler we were taught something similar to make necklaces. I mean it was a fun game as kids, who thought we would actually be using such stuff for aesthetics?


2. Trending Vintage Sunglasses

The cat-eyed vintage-looking sunglasses have been defining Instagram’s feed again. You cannot scroll through a photograph of a person wearing these in a formal outfit and not totally slaying it! They are sleek, elegant, and classy and can easily help you stand out. This growing popularity makes them available in all stores including thrift stores as well. These beauties can range from ?50 to ?500 depending on the brand, quality, colour, etc. Also, they come in all colours which increases the variety and helps you make your own collection.


3. The 90s Streetwear Chains

The key/trouser chains take me back to the 90s, and guess what they are in fashion again! A simple chain around your jeans pocket can totally elevate your look. Other uses? Well,  it can act as an accessory for your wallet as well (yes we are going to such extents). Different techniques are adopted while making such chains, they might be of artificial material or beads themselves. Depending on your choice, you can buy these from anywhere and everywhere for about ?10 to ?500. I find them really classy and they give a very peculiar yet unique tinge of “cool”.


4. Claw Clips or Clutchers?

I still remember the time when I used to wear clutchers and nobody really cared. Now I see people making a fashion statement while wearing a claw clip. Hairstyles using these clips are all over the Internet. People find these comfortable, chic, and easy to use. They not only help you keep your hair at the back, but they also ensure less hair fall (unlike hair ties). Never thought such a simple thing would help one stand out. I love claw clips because they are so handy and things cannot go wrong with them. Even if you are unable to create a perfect knot, you will get somewhere. They are widely available in all kinds of markets and are quite economical, ranging from ?10 to ?50. Also, if you are tired of handling long hair, and hair-ties don’t do it for you, they are perfect!


To make statements and be cute at the same time, you should go for these side accessories because they are personalised and create an amazing first impression. Also, if you don’t care about that, you can probably use them to be a fashionista and inspire people around you.

P.S. They are way too cute so consider using them!

Featured Image Credits: MissMalini

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