A Peek into the Life of an Offline DU Student

There was a time when you didn’t need to specify “offline” before mentioning college. Let’s go back to that time.*

It’s 8 in the morning. Your alarm rings and you already know you’re going to be late for your first lecture. Like always, you binge-watched Netflix’s latest series till 4 am and there was no way you were getting up. No college other than Stephens anyway really cares about your attendance, so there you went back to snooze mode. 

It’s 9 now and you’ve got to get up. You brush your teeth, skip shower, wear the comfiest clothes you own, ask the PG didi for a toast, and head to the second lecture. It’s 9:45. You see your best friend at your fixed spot in the packed classroom with two tiny cups of cafeteria coffee and two Munches waiting for you. You smile at her and ask about the first lecture. Obviously, it was cancelled because your professor was at a DUTA protest. While you’re about to doze off again, Chotu, the campus doggo, strolls in giving you the morning energy coffee could never bring. 

It’s 10:45 and you’re already running out of your newfound energy. So you head to the nearest tapri for your ritualistic chai and sutta (kids, smoking is bad). While you’re at it, you run into your friends from neighbouring colleges since they are just as lethargic and sleep-deprived as you. You have a great time cribbing about assignments and deadlines so you decide to skip the next lecture and go eat Tom uncle’s Maggi. You immediately regret it since you realise you were supposed to give a presentation in class. Oh well. At least the Maggi was good.

11:45 a.m. – You run after your professor and beg for another chance, making up the dumbest excuse you could imagine (“the metro doors got jammed today!”). Finally convincing them, you rush for your last lecture of the day. I know, I know, it’s just the fourth period, but there’s a protest at Jantar Mantar about the Government’s latest blunder and there is no way you’re going to skip that, obviously. 

1 p.m. – It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for. Furious in your heads and passionate in your hearts, you and your friends get on the metro while listening to Poorna Swaraj by RollsRoy’s. “Darwaazein baayi aur khulenge”. It’s showtime. 

Screaming from your hearts, raising slogans of resistance, expressing solidarity towards your people, and showing a huge middle finger to the authority – that is your daily routine. You don’t care about what time it is after that. This is it. This is what you came to the University of Delhi for – to learn about what really matters. You don’t learn this sitting in your classrooms, online or offline. The professors can only teach you so much from the pages of the books ascribed by an often-already-biased council. But the University offers you the environment to learn about the reality you live in, the diversity you are surrounded by, and issues that are engrained in the society you belong to. 

I hope to God you get the DU experience that you really deserve. 

*This article was originally published in our Freshers Themed Issue – Volume 15| Issue 11. 
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