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NSUI Writes to Dean of Examinations; Demands to Wave off Mark Sheet Fee

NSUI expressed its concern about the required fee students have to pay to access mark sheets online in a letter to the Dean of Examinations. Read on to find out more. 

In a letter dated 3rd January 2022, the National Students’ Union of India (NSUI), wrote a letter to the Dean of Examinations, D.S Rawat concerning the required fee that students were asked to pay by the colleges, to view their mark sheets online. The NSUI has called the fee, stipulated to be of Rs. 500, an insensitive ask during the pandemic. The Union believes such an amount reduces the accessibility for students who might be struggling financially due to the presence of a nationwide pandemic. The student union considers it “a direct injustice to the students in this Corona period.”

The letter on behalf of the NSUI requested the Dean to “take cognizance in this matter” and give relief to the students.

At such a time, imposing such a fee by the University administration on the students is totally wrong when the students have already paid the examination fees, 

a part of the letter read

Students did not receive printed mark sheets for their exams ever since after the pandemic began. They are now being charged 500 rupees for the online download of the same, even after paying the examination fee which is supposed to cover the exam and the mark sheet cost.

Ram Niwas Bishnoi, a member of the NSUI from the Department of Library Science

NSUI members had also personally met the Dean of Examinations to discuss various issues relating to student examinations and mark sheets. They were assured that the administration would look into their concerns and resolve the matters at the earliest. 

In a conversation with DU Beat, Ram Niwas Bishnoi reported how in a meeting with D.S Rawat, they were told that the issue would be deliberated and discussed. “If the matter is not resolved, we are even willing to protest if need be”, he went on to say. 

While talking about protests, Ram added that when the situation is better, they would also take up the issue of reopening DU colleges in their protests. But as of now, their main cause is to advocate for a hundred percent vaccination of students. 

If this particular issue is not resolved within ten days, we will talk to them again. Meanwhile, the mark sheet will be available for free for up to 6 months. However, our aim is that a student should receive the mark sheet free of cost even if they are downloading it later than that,” Bishnoi further added.

While talking to DU Beat, a student from LSR expressed her views on the matter.

I believe the request of the union is an important one. Accessing mark sheets shouldn’t require such a fee when the student community has been hit especially hard because of the Covid-19 pandemic. If not completely removed, the fee should at least be reduced I think.

The letter to the Dean of Examinations was drafted by two NSUI DU members: Ram Niwas Bishnoi and Ashok Choudhary, the student-in-charge from Ramjas College.

Featured Image Credits: NSUI 

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