‘Freshers’ Gone Stale: Losing Hope on G-Meet

From not getting to go to school in their last year and missing out on an official farewell to missing out on freshers and having to play basketball online, the current freshers’ batch is struggling quite a bit. And the motivation to be bright-eyed in online classes is as dull as ever.

You were on the football field with your friends in school. The grass freshly cut, the wind soothing your skin, and the hearty laughter of your pals on some silly joke surrounding you. It was the last day of eleventh grade. You thought the next time you’d play would be in twelfth grade. You’d rule the school as seniors, bunk classes and sneak off to play games and then eventually, you’d enter the glorious world of college. But you were one of the unlucky ones. Little did you know that you would miss out on the best days of your life.

I smile politely at my dance teacher as she asks me how college is going. “It’s going fine ma’am, I guess”. She looks at me through pity-filled eyes on the Zoom screen. “Poor girl, she’s missing out on her first year of college – the best time of a youngster’s life.”

You know the situation is bad when even your friends stop saying, “Fingers crossed, the college will reopen soon”. Because we’ve all lost hope that we will ever experience the ‘magic’ of college life. So much so that you can barely be productive enough in classes. All you hear are some mumblings about readings. But after a long day of classes, you don’t feel like opening up a book or a hefty binder.  You have nothing to look forward to, no rewards to gain. Your head hurts from sitting in front of a stupid screen for hours on end, and then you’re also somehow supposed to retain the information the professor is lecturing about? Impossible.

Navya, a first-year from Swami Shraddhanand College, jokes about the online experience.

Half the time I have no clue what goes on in online classes. On the brighter side, I do sleep really well during lectures.

Navya, Swami Shraddhanand College

Everyone tells you that the first year is the easiest and the most enjoyable time. It makes you wonder – if THIS is supposedly easy, whatever are the second and third years going through? You are half dead, so they’re probably zombies by now.

Annie, a Lady Shri Ram College first-year, laments about the struggle:

Distractions in all forms make it difficult to be productive. Even during class, I feel all of us end up on some or the other SNS platform. Other than that, my social health – I am becoming an introvert as the days progress. Everything is online so by the end of the day, it feels as though a volcano is about to burst in my head.

Annie, Lady Shri Ram College

If one manages to put the issue of classes aside, societies seem to demand what little energy we have remaining. Sure, societies are a voluntary venture. But in escaping FOMO, we often end up signing up for more than we take. It’s as if you’re getting all of the work and none of the fun of the society experience. Forwarding messages of a society for promotion certainly doesn’t align with the idea of DU societies I had painted in my head. But you still apply and take part in whatever you can, though you’re probably drowning in it all.

Initially, I felt like I needed to grab every opportunity I get in college to make the most out of it. I could see my batchmates and seniors who are already engaged in many clubs, societies and organisations,

Namrata, a first-year from Indraprastha College for Women

The first semester hasn’t even ended and the freshers batch is already experiencing burnout. The seniors try their best to help, but how can they motivate us when they too can’t see light at the end of the tunnel?

We all need a reason to get up from bed in the morning, but when you can simply take the class from bed, you begin to lose your sense of purpose and motivation.

I can’t run after a delusional productivity idea. I think we all must engage in activities that truly give us happiness and not validation. And yes, to figure out that, one needs time,” Namrata wisely advises. So dear freshers, please take your time. You’re not alone, we are a collective struggling bunch. While most of my hope has shrivelled up and dried, I hope yours hasn’t. Good things await us, hopefully.

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