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Books Worth 1 Lakh Missing From CVS: Principal Put on Leave

After a 2-year investigation, Principal Dagar of the College of Vocational Studies was indicted by an independent inquiry committee report on 180 missing books and other irregularities in the library. While the incident unfolds, opinions and dogma gets divided into polar opposites. Read to find out more.  

On 9th January 2022, the DU administration accepted a report by Retired Delhi High Court judge Justice S N Dhingra that found “irregularities” in the purchase of library books for the College of Vocational Studies (CVS), sources say. College Principal Indrajeet Dagar has been asked to go on leave.

The one-member independent inquiry committee under Justice Dhingra reported that the college suffered financial loss due to acts of the members of the verification committee who did verification of the books without books having been received in the CVS library. It stated that the librarian should be held responsible but also indicted Dagar and recommended that he be sent on leave until the matter was investigated further.

We received the recommendation of the GB that he be sent on leave and the matter will be examined further. We have agreed. It is an administrative decision. It is not a punishment as yet, just the process which has to be followed,

Vice-Chancellor Yogesh Singh told the Indian Express.

Sir, in view and in compliance of letter dated 06.01.2022… issued by Assistant Registrar Colleges of University of Delhi, you are hereby directed to proceed on leave till further orders… This is with immediate effect and to be complied with by you forthwith. It may be noted that these directions are being passed to conduct the proposed and contemplated enquiry in all fairness and as per applicable rules. [..] You are directed not to attend or enter your/this office or to have access to any records/files, documents etc without express written permission of the undersigned,

CVS Governing Body Chairman Rajan Chopra’s letter to the Principal.

The issue of missing books was first brought to light by a professional library assistant in February 2020. He complained in a letter to the Principal that a semi-professional assistant (SPA) “accessioned” i.e. recorded the addition of the new books and “got it signed by librarian and verified by convenor/member of the verification committee” despite never having received them in the first place.

A committee consisting of the then Convenor of the Verification Committee, S K Bhatia, was constituted to look into the matter. His report ascertained that 180 books were missing and placed the blame for the irregularities solely on the SPA, who he said: “kept on receiving a lesser number of books than ordered but signing the receipt for all the books ordered from the booksellers”. He also noted that the library suffered a loss of  Rs 1,00,337 due to this.

However, in August 2020, the Governing Body of the college decided to set up an independent inquiry committee to further investigate the matter and appointed Justice Dhingra to it. The GB accepted the Justice’s report in April 2021 and issued show-cause notices to 10 people, including Principal Dagar.

The report read, “It appears that the Principal of the CVS College had deliberately been closing his eyes not only to the misdeeds being done by the library staff and some of the teachers but has been a party to it (sic)…

This issue has been going on for a long time and it’s caused a lot of ill-feeling among the students and faculty. It’s good that it seems close to some kind of resolution now.

A student from CVS under the condition of anonymity.

The Governing Body of the college has also decided to conduct an independent, external audit of “all accounts” of the college and set up an independent agency for checking the quality of material used for the construction of a new building on the campus following these reports against the Principal.

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