BAZINGA: DU To Consider Attendance Marks in Semester Results

In a shocking move, Delhi University has decided to consider the attendance marks in finalizing the end-semester results to motivate students to take online classes seriously.

Delhi University in a shocking move announced that it has asked all its colleges and departments to submit the attendance record of the students as it will be reflected in their semester results. The DU administration has also made it clear that the attendance weightage will be 10% in the overall result and students with less than 50 per cent of attendance will not be allowed to go to the next semester.

The shocking move came after the examination department received several complaints from various colleges that students aren’t taking online classes seriously and are having very low attendance. 

This decision by the DU administration will boost up the morale of those students who sincerely took their online classes with full dedication. Not considering the attendance marks in the semester result will be an injustice to those students who attended classes regularly. This decision will also motivate other students to take their classes regularly as we can’t let students clear their semester without taking the classes properly.

DU official said in a statement.

Well, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, Delhi University had been conducting classes only in the online mode. Looking at the digital divide thing and the disparity in internet connection, the university earlier announced that it will not be considering attendance marks in the semester results, but this sudden decision is a direct shock for the students throughout the university.

The student community is also looking divided on this move as the students who took their classes are happy with this decision while others are complaining that the administration would have informed this before the semester as there was no such rule earlier on.

I am thankful to the DU administration for coming up with this decision as I attended almost every class of mine and I deserve to get some extra marks for this,

said a DU student while in conversation with DU Beat.

This is unfair for the students like us as the DU administration didn’t tell us this before this semester and they are taking such decisions now at the end-point. They could have informed this earlier. The administration must take back this decision and they can impose it from the next semester,

said another DU student while in conversation with DU Beat.

Meanwhile, a huge number of students are opposing this move by Delhi University making it a controversial one. It would be important to see whether DU sticks to its decision or steps back.

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