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Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon Named New Dean & Head of the Faculty of Law, DU

Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon has been named the new Dean and Head of the Faculty of Law, DU. Whether or not she will be an advocate for better infrastructural facilities that seem to crumble at best but one thing is certain, she is a notable luminary in the legal sphere and someone who has spent a lifetime in academia. Read more to find out.

Prof. (Dr.) Usha Tandon has been named the new Dean and Head of the Faculty of Law, University of Delhi. She succeeds Prof. (Dr.) Vandana Bhandari as the 32nd Dean, a position that has previously been occupied by several distinguished personalities in the field of Law.

A widely acclaimed Professor of Environmental Law, Population Law, Gender Justice and Family Law with teaching experience of more than 30 years, Prof. Tandon has been an empathetic voice for the students of the Campus Law Centre (CLC), University of Delhi, in the past. Prior to being appointed as the Dean and Head, she was the Professor- in-Charge of the CLC when she wrote a letter to the then Pro-Vice-Chancellor of DU stating that the decision to shift all three CLC’s to one building was “naive” since it lacked the requisite infrastructure.

Apart from being a celebrated author of more than 50 research papers that have been published in reputed national and international journals, she is known for her outstanding contributions in the fields of environmental protection and women empowerment. Her research articles have been published in international journals like Transnational Environmental Law, Cambridge University Press,(UK), Coventry Law Journal, (UK), Yonsei Law Journal (South Korea), IIUM Law Journal (Malaysia) to name a few and have been applauded and recognised by the Supreme Court of India in 2003.

Her book on Population Law in India is unrivalled in its coverage of various population issues through the perspective of law and has been referred to extensively in India and abroad.

Her illustrious career in the field of Law includes being the eminent author/editor of several books like Energy Law (Oxford University Press); Biodiversity Law (Routledge, Taylor & Francis Group); Climate Change (Eastern Book Company); Gender Justice (Regal Publications); and Human Trafficking Law (Central Law Agency). She has had the chance to present her research work at various international academic platforms in countries including the USA, U.K. France, Germany, Netherlands, Australia, China, Singapore, South Korea, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bhutan. 

As a national expert, she contributed to the World Bank’s Report in 2017 on the subject, “Enabling the Business of Agriculture, – Access to Water”, that studies the laws and regulations for water resources management and irrigation, recognizes the importance of sustainable, equitable and efficient management of water resources for long term agricultural development. 

Her critically acclaimed projects include the country report for the International Research Project on “Climate Change Commitments: An Ethical Analysis” conducted by the University of Auckland, NZ and Widner University, USA with support from IUCN World Commission on Environmental Law and its specialist Ethics Group in October 2015 as well as research projects sanctioned by the University Grants Commission, Delhi, National Commission for Women, Delhi and the University of Delhi. One of her research studies on Women and Population has been published by the National Commission for Women (2010).

She has had the honour of receiving the ‘World Population Day Award’ in 2000 and the ‘Phenomenal She’ award in 2019. She is also a member of several coveted professional organisations such as Population Association of America, MD, USA; South Asian Law Schools Forum for Human Rights (founder member) Kathmandu; All India Law Teachers Congress, New Delhi (founder member); Indian Law Institute, New Delhi (life member) Institute for Constitutional and Parliamentary Studies, New Delhi (life member) and Indian Society for International Law, New Delhi.

As the newly appointed Dean, she “welcome(s) new ideas, dedication to learning, knowledge creation, adoption of best practices and research”. In her message on the official Faculty of Law, DU website, she “earnest(ly) appeal(s)” to everyone, to “let all the members take the Faculty of Law to new heights”.

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