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DU Dhaba: A Walk Around the Campus

A walk around the campus with food reviews on the hotspots of the university… Read the review of a first-time visitor to the lanes of the North Campus.

What do you do as a fresher – oh sorry, a second-year student – who lands in Delhi for the first time? Obviously, you go to those places your seniors have been talking about for so long now.

I am a student of South Campus, but it was equally exciting for me to visit the forever famous places of North. After seeing these spots in reels and photos for more than a year, seeing them live was very… moving. The realization of what we have lost came struck me when I found North Campus was dreary, unlike the old videos on Instagram – it seemed a bit empty without its people. So, even though the joy of being at the campus was high, to be there without friends was not a joy worth cherishing.

Still, as the tradition goes (and also DU Beat wanted reviews), I went to the ‘hotspots’ of North Campus which were surprisingly very crowded. Getting just two cups of Kulhad Chai from the Sudama tea stall took about 15-20 minutes. I have never sipped a chai with so much elaichi before – so, absolutely over-rated but it’s Sudama, so worth a try at least. Though the Kulhad chai is a big shot, so get it only when you are ready to gulp down a lot of tea, otherwise, the small cup works just as fine. Sudama was surely the most crowded place on campus after the Arts Faculty, where AISA and SFI are holding the protest for reopening. It was the perfect place for late evening discussions cause you can find a variety of people there.

Then I moved on to Tom Uncle’s Maggi, which is at some distance from Sudama and taking a walk between the two joints seemed like one of the coolest date ideas one could ever have on campus. The best thing about North Campus are those sidewalks, I guess. Greenery on sides, walls painted with slogans of both resistance and tyranny along with red-bricked walls – the perfect evening I have been looking forward to.

I ordered a Masala Maggi at Tom Uncle’s, which cost around 40 rupees. It was too much masala, a lot of spices mixed together that I couldn’t even recognise what exact taste it was. So, an average taste if you ask me but just the feels of having Maggi at that place is beyond amazing, so, I liked it however it was (Cheese Maggi next time).

The rickshaw rides too are not a bad idea, so I took one to Vijay Nagar for my next craving – Laphings. The area is filled with university students only and the food outlets on the main lane Vijay Nagar looked like a dream place to stay (No offence to Kamla Nagar).

It was a little hard to find the shop I was looking for, but after going through some lanes I landed at the Little Laphings, whose shop owner is a very cute and humble person. Trying out laphings was a first for me, so excitement was at its peak. Out of my adventurous spirit, I asked for a ‘spicy’ one and then, it was really spicy – so spicy that it could only be endured with a coke. But it was worth the try – I got to know the level of spice I can handle, so it’s a must-try. Out of the three, the laphings were the true delicacy of the day for me.

All in all, the day was full of wonder after exploring the places and it was filled with melancholy too, cause these are places I should have reached with my friends about a year ago. Concluding, I think I can’t call my experience to be a ‘full’ one,  for no university is complete without its students. So, I end this – waiting to have a full experience of the campus.

Feature Image Credits: Hindustan Times

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