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SFI Celebrates Farm Laws Repeal, Marches in Celebration

Amid massive controversy, the government has decided to repeal the three farm laws introduced last year in September. A victory March was organized by SFI Delhi in Delhi University to celebrate the farmers who have been relentlessly protesting against the government for more than a year now. 

On 19th November 2021 on the occasion of Gurupurab, the Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi made a statement proclaiming that the three controversial farm laws passed last year will be repealed. This move comes as a welcome respite to all the farmers who have been protesting for over a year. 

A victory march for the same was organized by SFI Delhi, which started from the Arts Faculty building in DU. CEC member Abhijith Manilal and SFI All India Secretary Mayukh Biswas were also present at the March. While celebrating this victory, the latter also simultaneously pointed out that although this move was long due, a lot more changes are needed to truly improve the system and the lives of farmers all over India. 

It becomes pertinent here to mention that this victory did not come easy. The audacious nature of our farmers to bear all odds and continue their struggle for almost an entire year is what has led to this penultimate victory. In this long and arduous struggle, around 670 people have lost their lives. SFI Delhi extends its red salutes to the martyrs of this movement.

Mayukh Biswas, in the Press statement released by SFI.

The Farmers protest has proclaimed the longest withstanding agrarian movement in the history of India. Participants in the protest have been camping on the borders of Delhi, mobilizing support and funds by distributing pamphlets from one village to another and have displayed extraordinary determination and grit. The Government’s decision to repeal the laws is a massive victory for all movements and protests occurring across the country, proving once again that change can occur when people come together. These sentiments were also highlighted by several other members of SFI. 

Today a victory march was organised by SFI and other progressive organisations as the Prime Minister has announced to repeal all three agricultural laws. The victory is not just the victory of the farmers’ movement, but it is the victory for all those people who are continuously fighting against the anti-people policies of the government, whether it is against the CAA or other anti-people and pro-corporate laws like Labor codes and NEP. This victory is the answer to all those people who say that by demonstrations and agitations nothing happens and nothing changes.

Ankit Birpali, Secretary, SFI Hindu College Unit.

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