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Amidst Cases of Discrimination, DU Panel Studies Board-Wise Student Intake

DU has set up a committee to analyse the distribution of students admitted to the Varsity across all school boards. The panel will also be suggesting an alternate method of admission for undergraduate courses to be finalized by the end of this year. 

Constituted last month, a panel to be headed by the Dean of Examinations, D.S. Rawat, along with nine other members will be analysing the number of students from each board. They will also be looking into programmes that had to admit more kids than sanctioned in their courses. In order to avoid an additional influx of students getting admitted to these colleges- the panel has also been tasked with formulating a new strategy for admissions in undergraduate courses which will be presented in front of the Academic Council in the coming month. They also aim to analyse the admission of OBC students, particularly the ones belonging to the non-creamy layer. 

The panel includes Poonam Varma, Principal of Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies; DU Registrar Vikas Gupta; Savita Roy, Principal of Daulat Ram College and Rajeev Gupta, Dean Students’ Welfare.

We want to take a call on next year’s admission process by the end of December.

Anonymous officer, in conversation with the Indian Express 

However, the previous acting Vice-Chancellor P.C. Joshi had suggested introducing a common entrance test, where equal weightage would be given to both the marks obtained from the test as well as the student’s board results. According to an unidentified committee member, the panel is considering this option too, among several others.

Seeing the situation right now, with such unrealistic cut-offs, I feel that this entrance cum merit system would make much more sense and be a lot fairer for everyone. I felt genuinely really bad when I heard the remarks being made against us, people often just casually say things and then would end up saying no offence or just kidding as if that makes any difference to what they just said. Colleges claim that they will take action, but these are empty promises. More than the college, it’s the students who should speak up and stand against all such discriminations.

Merin Mary Thomas, 2nd Year, English Honours, Hindu College 

The current policy of merit-based admissions has proven to be insufficient, as students have to battle sky-high cutoffs- and despite that, courses are overfilled. Matters came to a head when Kerala state board students occupied 95% of seats in courses like B.A. Political Science (Hons) at prestigious colleges, despite the cutoff being as high as 100 per cent. As a result of the institution’s failure to come up with a proper strategy from admissions, students from Kerala are now facing discrimination and have been subjected to disparaging remarks across the campus. According to a press release by SFI, students in Ramjas were verbally abusing and harassing students from the south during the orientation for B.Com students. Recently, a DU professor also came under fire for using the term “Marks Jihad” to explain how this was a strategy by South Indians to take over higher education institutions.

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