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Shivaji College and the Voice of Students

The administration of Shivaji College invited nominations for the new Students Union by giving weightage to Academic Merit and with final selection done after an interview. All India Student’s Association (AISA) has called this anti-democratic and organised a protest against the same.

It was on the 1st of October when the administration of Shivaji College put up a notice regarding the elections of new Student Union. The notice has attracted controversy because of the criteria it has set for the election of the new union. It says that the Academic merit will be given due weightage and that the ‘the final selection will be done on the basis of interview which will be conducted in hybrid mode.’

All India Student’s Association (AISA) has called this move ‘utter disregard of the procedure and democratic ethos of Delhi University’s Student Union’. The notice mentions nothing about the say of the Student’s body. It’s not even clear about any mandate that the college administration seems to be following.

AISA has called this an ‘anti-democratic’ exercise by citing the Lyngdoh Committee Report that states, “It would be advisable, however, not to base such nomination system on purely academic merit” (6.1.2). The press release by AISA takes a dig at the administration by stating that the admin has forgotten the distinction between elected student representatives and ‘class monitors’.

“This notification by Shivaji College is violating a fundamental principle of democracy in educational institutions, jeopardizing the hard-fought struggles for student representation.”

  • AISA’s Press Release

The process was then stalled until further notice by the administration. AISA organised a protest against this anti-democratic notice at the campus on the 4th of October where a memorandum was submitted to the Principal with the demands of repealing the order. In a conversation with DU Beat Ramik, a member of AISA said,

“There has been no official statement from the current Student Union of college. Firstly the administration was unresponsive and hesitant to talk to the protesting students and even the gates of the college were locked when we reached the campus. As of now, the Principal has assured that they will consider repealing it if students are against it but no official order has been released.”

  • Ramik, a member of AISA and a student of Shivaji College

After sheer protest from students, the administration of Shivaji College decided to withdraw this process of selection of the Student’s Union with an official notice signed on the 4th of October.

Feature Image Credits – AISA Shivaji College

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