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Hindu College Inaugurates A New Auditorium Offline

Several distinguished guests, alumni and students of Hindu College attended the inauguration of the new Sanganeria Auditorium, Science Block and a new amphitheater named Utsav on the campus. The inaugural ceremony was held inside the new auditorium, followed by high tea in the lawns. The event was abuzz with chatter and excitement as everyone mingled together for the first time since the pandemic. 

On 8th October 2021, Hindu College held an Inauguration ceremony for its new facilities, which includes a state-of-the-art auditorium, a multi-storeyed, fully functional science block, and a new Amphitheater named ‘Utsav’. Sanganeria Auditorium, named after its benefactor Shri Sant Sanganeria, housed several attendees for the ceremony as students performed for the audience present and speeches were made regarding Hindu’s long, illustrious journey and the road ahead. The Chief Guest for the occasion was Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs and Petroleum and Natural Gas, Government of India. The Vice-Chancellor of Delhi UniversityProf PC Joshi was also in attendance as a chief guest, along with Dr Lalit Bhasin, Shri Sant Sanganeria, and TCA Rangachari. 

The Inauguration ceremony kicked off with a mesmerizing performance by Alankaar, the classical music society of Hindu College. Names of the members who performed are- Vivek Mishra, Satyam Pathak, Aswin Ram, Arunima Srivastava, Shankarii Karthik, Malavika R Dev, Anand P Chandran, Baladithya Arunchand, Ashish Nayak, Hisham, Himanshu Adiwal, Ann Mariya, Nihal Bin Habeeb, Anandkrishnan Gopakumar and Chahat Malhotra. 

Followed by the performance, all the dignitaries invited as well as ex-faculty members present at the venue were invited on stage for the lamp-lighting ceremony. The entire event was broadcasted live on the college’s official YouTube channel and can be found here. 

All the speeches made throughout the evening by the distinguished alumni recounted how the college has always been a space filled with glory and paid homage to the college’s bright legacy. The faculty expressed their gratitude to Shri Sant Sanganeria for making their vision become a reality through his generous contributions towards the project, amongst many other benefactors. Prof PC Joshi in his speech recounted his days studying in the college, and how elated he was to see it climb higher, in remembrance of visionaries who had led the college in the past.

This beautiful auditorium has undergone a complete makeover in just 14 months. The alumni of our college, through a committee led by our venerated alumnus Shri Lalit Bhasin Ji raised a significant amount of 50 lakhs within a span of just a few months during covid for this venture. This facility pays testimony to the strong emotional bonds that our alumni have with the college, who wholeheartedly contribute as the occasion demands. I take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to the esteemed alumni of this institution,

said Prof Anju Srivastava, Principal of Hindu College, during her speech.

Several members of the college’s educational trust and governing body had joined in the event online through zoom. All the new facilities were introduced one by one, with a montage of their images playing in the background. 

The inauguration ceremony was rife with speculation about the current ongoing admissions, which are breaking new records and reaching new milestones alike. 

The college has acquired, ever since the time, like it became a platform for the activity surrounding the national movement, the freedom struggle, it has acquired a reputation which propels it forward with a sense which is the envy of many. I read a report saying how the college admissions this year have surpassed the seat limit of 900 to 1600, with most students qualifying with 100% marks. I remember taking admissions with just a school leaving certificate in one hand and the admission form in the other.

said Shri Hardeep Singh Puri, Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs during his speech.

After the screening of a brief video outlining the new facilities alongside panoramic shots of the college from the sky, students, faculty members and guests mingled together for high tea in the lawns, where live chefs cooked several delicacies enjoyed by all. Alumni of the institute were seen reminiscing with the current students about the vast changes that have occurred since their time as students in the college. 

The event today has been fabulous, and we are very proud of the proceedings, the infrastructure that has been placed. These facilities are state-of-the-art and one of a kind. The science block is going to induce a lot of impetus to research and create forward linkages. It will help open up opportunities for students in the field of science. A lot of positive changes have occurred since my time here as a student. More communication has resulted in the formation of a cohesive unit amongst all. Students nowadays have more fields to venture into, and can go very far.

Dr Sandeep Srivastava, Alumnus of the college (1981-84) while in conversation with DU Beat.

Spirits were high as the campus seemed to come alive after being desolate and empty for more than a year during the pandemic. Students could be seen interacting everywhere, roaming through the college with many who were witnessing it for the first time. 

I was overwhelmed, looking at the college for the first time. It looks beautiful, and the arrangements made for the ceremony were overwhelming too. The programme was great, and Alankaar did amazingly, as usual, and it was surreal, to be honest- this technically is our first day of college.

Shrestha Dhar, a 2nd-year student at Hindu College, while talking with DU Beat.

However, one thing was clear- these new facilities are just a step towards a long list of projects that the college wants to undertake in the future. A lot more is in store, and students were visibly excited about the new prospects these new facilities have opened up for them. 

It was amazing. Alankaar’s performance was outstanding. The auditorium is really beautiful and it almost feels like a PVR. I’m looking forward to overseeing the TedX event which is going to take place in December in the auditorium.

Shubham Jain, a 3rd year English Honours student at Hindu College, while talking to DU Beat.

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