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Auburn Umbrella- For the Love of Jhumkas

Jhumkas have stayed in the top list of choices for a long, for this piece of Auburn Umbrella we discover the journey of Jhumkas and their enigma in contemporary times.

Starting from ‘Jhumka gira re/ Bareilly ke bazaar mei‘ in 1966, Bollywood saw an inflow of love for Jhumkas in its songs. Thereafter, ‘Jhumka Bareilly Wala‘ and many more found their way into pop culture. The bell-shaped ear jewel, or the ever favourite German silver, the hooped Jhumkas, Jhumar Jhumkas, the hanging ones or the designs borrowed from flowers; the aesthetic legacy and family of Jhumkas is endless. (Chandbali Jhumkas deserve a special mention)

Jhumka as a piece of jewellery is something that has stayed in fashion for centuries now, (literally, its origin can be traced back to 300s BCE). They were popularized by Bharatnatyam dancers.

Be it online open mic competitions or a webinar for your department, the easiest style that you can take up is Jhumkas. The best part about it is that it goes with anything, from shirts or normal tees, ethnic wear or western to anything you can imagine. So when you are too lazy to put up anything, be it classes or any online competition, a pair of Jhumkas are enough.

At a time when we rarely show up in classes beyond attendance, the rare blessed day when we get to see the faces of our classmates, online fashion exists even with blurry screens and terrible internet connections. Doesn’t matter if you are wearing trousers or a sherwani from underneath, the defining statement is your visible attire from above the shoulder. From coloured clips to hair bands and piercings a lot has been on the forefront, but the winner and the most affordable one – the eternal Jhumka.

“It is the eclectic charm of Jhumka earrings that makes it so relevant even today — Indian in essence, but also providing ample creative freedom to enhance it with unconventional contemporary elements. In a way, it serves as a bejewelled blank canvas that one can make one’s own.”

  • Harakh Mehta, the official Haute Joaillerie for Le Bal, Paris in 2019

It won’t be wrong to tag it as the most versatile form of jewellery that comes in a lot of shapes and sizes. Something that can be found at the roadside vendor by your place and at the high priced online stores. The love for German silver Jhumkas has become a tide-like no other. Since the olden days of Bollywood, Jhumkas have been the prime gift of lovers and even today they have maintained a high position in the list of gifts.

Travelling its way through so many ages, Jhumkas have borrowed a lot of styles and become more of a fusion. But more than borrowing it has given the world of fashion a diverse style that conspires with so many others while maintaining its original aesthetic.

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Feature Image Credits – DusBus Youtube Channel

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